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The Concrete Sidewinders are an Amerindian go-gang active in the Sioux Nation.

Membership: 100+

The Concrete Sidewinders are the biggest go-gang in the Sioux Nation, over a 100 strong. It's a gang of speed freaks, who tour the NAN motorcycle racing circuit and often win. Unlike most Amerindian gangs, it accepts recruits from any tribe as long as they can ride a motorcycle and go fast. The gang also accepts women, Anglos, and metahumans. It's turf is the I-80 from Cheyenne's east side to west of Ogallala. When it comes to motorists, they like to count "coup" by using paintball guns on their vehicles.[1]

They will kill any competitors that challenges their control of the I-80. While many are weekend warriors who like to make trouble by harassing motorists and smuggling small packages, the core members are involved in murder-for-hire, kidnapping, drug trafficking, and gun smuggling. It has within its ranks ex-military from the Sioux Defense Force.[2]