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Carl Sargent (aka Keith Martin) is a British author of several roleplaying game-based products and novels.

He has authored many products for both the Dungeons & Dragons (particularly for the World of Greyhawk campaign setting), "Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay" and Shadowrun role-playing games.

Contributions to the Shadowrun setting:

  • Streets of Blood - novel, based in London: a new "Jack the Ripper" haunts the streets of the British capital, the elven mage Serrin Shamander becomes involved as well as the legendary decker Michael Sutherland, an young ork girl and a British Nobleman. At least a plot of HKB is uncovered, that was created in the - successful - attempt of a take over of Transys Neuronet.
  • Nosferatu 2055 - novel: after saving the Lord Major of New York the elven mage Serrin Shamander is involved in a hunt that lures him half around the world, to Zulu Nation in the Azanian Confederation and then to the Council of Marienbad in the southeastern corner of the Allied German States to stop an elven Nosferatu from enslaving/destroying Metahumanity
  • Black Madonna - novel, mainly based in Italian Confederation: Serrin Shamander and his Chummers - including his young, South African wife Kristen - become involved in the events surrounding the immortal elf Leonardo and the Renraku Megacorporation.

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