Lisa Smedman is a science fiction and fantasy writer, a game designer and a journalist. Lisa has authored five novels set in the universe of the Shadowrun roleplaying game.

These contributions to the Shadowrun setting include:

  • The Lucifer Deck - novel: a whole new form of elemental or spirit is conjured into an cyberdeck and wreaks havok to the global matrix.
  • Blood Sport - novel: strange happenings surrounding the truly blood-soaked Aztlan national sports - court ball.
  • Psychotrope - novel: the events sourrounding the appearance of the probably oldest Artificial Intelligence - Psychotrope aka Mirage. This led to the shutdown of the Seattle grid of the Matrix and created a bunch of adult otaku.
  • The Forever Drug - novel: Romulus, a wolf shapeshifter frequently working for Lone Star Security Services, Inc. in Halifax discovers a plot of criminals selling as well paranatural critters illegally as pets as distributing corpse lights as a new drug.
  • Tails You Lose - novel:

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