Steve Kenson is a writer and designer of fantasy role-playing games (RPGs) and related fiction. He has written material for many RPGs, including Shadowrun. He has written ten RPG tie-in novels including seven for the Shadowrun series. His Shadowrun novels include the first trilogy produced by WizKids Games after they acquired the Shadowrun property from FASA Corporation: Born to Run, Poison Agendas, and Fallen Angels.

Contributions to Shadowrun setting:Edit


  • Technobabel - novel: an adult decker named Babel is turned an otaku by the Artificial Intelligence DEUS to be tricked into killing the Renraku Computer Systems CEO Aneki - but he refuses to do so.
  • Crossroads - novel: Tommy Talon - mage of the Assets Inc. team - has to go to Boston to clean up a personal fault from his own past. The problem: this fault is a murderous free spirit, called Gallow!
  • Ragnarock - novel: Tommy Talon and his chummers get involved into the duell of two great dragons: the terrorist Alamais and the Saeder-Krupp Corp owner Lofwyr battle it out. The showdown will take place in Berlin during an Rock festival.
  • The Burning Time - novel: Tommy Talon and his chummers are confronted again with this nasty free spirit, who calls himself Gallow - and with a bunch of anti-elf terrorists in Boston.
  • Born to Run - novel: first novel on the adventures of the young, Kansas City based femal runner Kellan Colt in Seattle, involving Ares Macrotechnology as well as the Gangs of the Ancients and the Spikes.
  • Poison Agendas - novel: second novel on the adventures of Kellan Colt; she gets involved with a toxic shaman
  • Fallen Angels - novel: third novel on the adventures of Kellan Colt; the girl finally enacts revenge on the female Cross Applied Technologies Covert Ops Specialist Midnight, who were responsible for the murder of Kellan Colts parents.

Last three of the novels are centered around characters from the Game Shadowrun Duels

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Rule- and Sourcebooks:Edit

  • The Grimoire (additional material)
  • Awakenings (German: Almanach der Hexerei)
  • Underworld Sourcebook (German: Unterwelt-Quellenbuch) - sourcebook main writer after concept by Nigel Findley.
  • Magic in the Shadows (German: Schattenzauber 3.01D)
  • Critters - Booklet
  • Year of the Comet (German: Das Jahr des Kometen) - original concept
  • New Seattle
  • Threats and/or Threats 2 (German: Bedrohliche 6. Welt)
  • Shadows of Europe (German: Europa in den Schatten) - "Tír na nÓg" chapter
  • Seattle 2072

Adventure- and Campaignebooks:Edit

  • Super Tuesday! - adventures centered around the UCAS presidential election
  • Shadows of the Underworld - adventures centered around the UCAS presidential election
  • MobWar! - adventure and campaign ideas centered around the in-fighting of the Seattle underworld after the death of Don James "the Hammer" O'Malley
  • Brainscan - adventures centered around the Renraku Arcology Shutdown.
    Two of the adventures in the book:
    • "My Name Is Legion"
    • "Revelations"


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