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The Corporate Court is an arbitral body with supreme authority over disputes involving extraterritorial megacorporations. It was founded by seven corporations in 2023, and recognized by corporations on an individual basis to settle dispute. Since 2043, the court is recognized by states signing the Business Recognition Accords.

The court sits onboard Zurich-Orbital orbital station. The court counts 13 members (usually referred as "justices"), individuals elected on the behalf of a corporation. Megacorporations who possess a representative on the court are rated as AAA Prime Megacorporation, and lose that rating when it's no longer the case. Each megacorporation represented also receives a single share in Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaftsbank (and only one share, even if it possess several representatives). Representatives' terms are staggered with a new election every six months. By status, the seven founding corporations who initially created the court in 2023 must retain at least one representative seating on the court at any time (thus, they can't lose AAA status).

When the term of a founding corporation's last representative is over, only this corporation can present candidates for election (or reelection). Otherwise the election is open to representatives from any AA or AAA megacorporations recognized by the court. By winning a seat onto the Court, a AA megacorporation becomes a AAA megacorporation, regardless of size. This was especially noteworthy when Novatech replaced Fuchi Industrial Electronics even though it was suggested to be smaller than some AA megacorporations.


The Court also maintains embassies around the world in various world capitals to liaison between national governments and the Court (and its members).


The terrestrial Headquarters of the Corporate Court is located in the Towers, which are three 250-story tall onyx towers located in the south part of Manhattan. Formally known as "Fuchi-Town," after Crash 2.0 NeoNET convinced the CC to take over the buildings.[1][2]


Because of its strategic importance, the Corporate Court maintains an embassy in Downtown to ensure that none of the extraterritorial battles escalate in light of the fragile equilibrium that keeps the sprawl, and northern Pacific Rim, humming. While the UCC serves as a type of model UN, the Court On High uses this office to remind the peons who their masters really are Additionally, the expanding bureaucracy of the Corporate Court and the Z-OG Bank needed space for themselves. As of 2078, Ambassador Robert Johansson now leads the embassy.

Founding corporations[]

Corporations represented on the court (as of 2080)[]

Former members of the court[]

After 2060[]

After 2070[]

After 2079[]

Corporate Court Entities[]

Corporate Justices[]


  • Chief Justice Alexander Belczyk – Saeder-Krupp
  • Emma Binghampton – Horizon
  • Michele Borden – Ares
  • Basima Oriol Diasruíz – Saeder-Krupp
  • Li Feng – Wuxing
  • Ren Iwano – Evo
  • Steven Nishimura – Shiawase
  • Kenji Nitta – Renraku
  • Brewster Pilium – Spinrad
  • Adele Yoholo – Spinrad
  • Kosuke Shimizu – MCT
  • Mayumi Tsukino – MCT
  • Mirna Velazquez – Aztechnology


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