Profession: Corporate Secretary

Connections: 3

BPs: 400

Race: Human

Attributes: BOD(3) - AGI(3) - REA(3) - STR(3) - CHA(3) - INT(5) - LOG(5) - WIL(3)


Knowledge Skills: Corporate Politics(6) - Corporate Gossip and Rumors(6) - Corporate Filing Systems(6) - Corporate Record Keeping Practices(6) - Corporate Memo Formatting (6)

Active Skills: Influence Skill Group(4) - Electronics Skill Group(4) - Stealth Skill Group(4)

Qualities: Ambidextrous - Photographic Memory - First Impression - Home Ground - SINner, Standard

Contacts: Corporate Secretary Friend I - Corporate Secretary Friend II - Corporate Secretary Friend III - Corporate Secretary Friend IV - Corporate Secretary Friend V - Corporate Secretary Friend VI

Gear: Middleclass lifestyle (12 Months), Novatech Airwave (Novatech Navi), Browse (6)

Possible History: From a young age, [Insert Name Here] dreamed of being involved in the corporate scene. Flashes of meetings with the rich and influential flashed through [his/her] head and [his/her] imagination ran wild. Upon receiving a job, however, [Insert Name Here] was dismayed to learn that [he/she] would have to start at the bottom, a lowly secretary. Not one to give up, [Insert Name Here] practiced, and still practices, the skills needed to persuade the wealthy from their money, separate the knowledgeable from their information, and manipulate people to [his/her] advantage. Secretaries are a great source of information, knowing most of the rumors and gossip in the corporate scene, and [Insert Name Here] is no exception.

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