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Chairman of the Board[]

The Chairman of the Board of a corporation is a member of the Board of Directors elected by his peers to determine the agenda of reunions and corporate officers' presentations, and ensure that the board work efficiently. It's not uncommon for the Chairman to also hold the offices of President or Chief Executive Officer. In some corporations, the by-laws give the Chairman an additional vote when there is a draw.

Chief Executive Officer[]

The Chief Executive Officer or CEO of a company is the executive responsible for the management of its day-to-day activity. He usually has the ultimate decision authority and reports to the Board of Directors who nominated and can fire him.

Renown CEOs in the 6th World are:

But there are a lot others, because nearly every corporation has at least one.

Chief Operating Officer[]

Usually second in operational command of a corporation after the CEO, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) handles the tactical side of keeping the corporation running, freeing the CEO up to worry about the strategic side of things.

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Chief Financial Officer[]


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