The Crescent City Mafia is the Mafia crime cartel in the city of New Orleans.

Factions (Major): 2 families

Factions (Minor): 1 family

The Crescent City Mafia is a cartel which consists of three families. Which consists of the Polish-American Kozlowski Family who run the cartel, the Italian-American Mossino Family, and the smaller Spanish Creole Romero Family. The cartel is involved in a wide variety of criminal activities, such as illegal gambling and gladiatorial bloodsports. It's biggest money maker is smuggling and its most sinister racket is the slave trade, including the putting 12 year old girls to work in brothels.[1] In New Orleans there only rival is Zobop a 2nd tier syndicate which is starting to challenge them.[2] The Yakuza in the city is a 3rd tier syndicate, right along the local "Krewes" (Afro-Caribbean equivalents of the Seoulpa Rings).[3][4]


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