Crime Corporations (Shadowrun Sourcebook, Tir Tairngire)

Crime Corporation

The Crime Corporations are syndicates based in the Tir Tairngire.

The Crime Corporations are Elven organized crime groups which are structured like corporations. Jargon and concepts used by these syndicates are the same ones used by the corporations.

Members receive "salaries" and participate in "profit-sharing plans". Harm or threaten the corporation, and the individual earns an "exit interview" (an execution, usually including torture). Purging the ranks is "corporate restructuring", an execution or a hit is called giving someone the "the pink slip", and a mob war is a "hostile takeover".

They will use legitimate front organizations to hide behind (e.g. Intercoastal Shipping Corp which is a minor cargo carrier that owns a small dirigible fleet, operates one of the West Coast's most efficient BTL duping and distribution networks)[1]


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