Crying Wall
Address: Basement of the Bicson Building, East Eleventh Street and St. Paul Avenue, Tacoma

Today, the Crying Wall in Tacoma is a monument to the Night of Rage, a 20 meter long art installation with sculptures and interactive AR. Volunteers guard the wall and there are always candles and flowers left here.

Near the waterfront, the Crying Wall is a monument to the metahumans who died during the Night of Rage. Twenty meters long and six meters high, the wall is a bas-relief sculpture carved by ork and dwarf artists that depicts the events of that terrible night. Because it stands at one of the entrances to the Ork Underground, the orks consider the wall part of the Underground and guard it day and night. There is a stand in the building lobby where John Q. Public can buy a ticket for three nuyen, and an escort will take you down to the wall and answer any questions.

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