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Tenoch a Shorn One

The Cuachicqueh (The Shorn Ones) are a warrior-order of Aztlan.


The Cuachicqueh are black ops commandos. They work in pairs that enhance each other's skills and they are usually deployed behind enemy lines.

When it comes to their training it is focused on brute-force kidnappings, sabotage methods, and committing acts of terrorism. They will maintain communication with the insurgents and/or terrorists in the targeted area. Sometimes they will work with them and sometimes they will work alone. If an act of terror that they commit is attributed to an insurgent or terrorist group, the better.[1]

They are on occasion placed in command of soldiers, reinforcing them with their magical ability and religious zeal. It is said that a unit led by a Cuachicqueh is able to hold of an enemy force that is x10 its size, purely because of the faith that they have in their captain.[2]


The Cuachicqueh warrior-order functions as a type of military social-club. Members hang out those of the same order. They drink at a bar which has been adopted by the order as their hang-out. For relaxation they do it at the order's "transient office quarters". Once a month, there is a lodge meeting that the members attend. If anyone messes with an Cuachicqueh, they made an enemy of the entire order. The mentality of an Cuachicqueh is that of the Zen warrior, someone who is normally intense and quiet. When killing you, they may quote Sun Tzu or recite poetry while doing so..[3]


Shorn Ones are physical adepts and may or may not receive augmentation. When getting augmented they get enhancements which are all deltaware and include such augmentations as synaptic boosters, reflex recorders, adrenaline pumps, and radar sensors. The men are outfitted with light military armor, equipped with weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns, light machine guns, and grenades, and carry bladed weapons like vibro-knives and Macauitl (Aztec sword).[4][5]


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