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The Cuacuahtin (The Eagles) are a warrior-order of Aztlan.


The Cuacuahtin are recruited form the various corporate and military units of Aztechnology and Aztlan. Upon completion of their training and religious indoctrination they are sent back to their regular units.

Once back home with their home unit, they are normally put in command of the regular troops. It's their responsibility to bolster them with their religious fanaticism and magical powers. Many of them receive training in techniques that give them the power to boost the abilities of their fellow soldiers or protects those soldiers around them from injury.[1]


The Cuacuahtin warrior-order functions as a type of military social-club. Members hang out those of the same order. They drink at a bar which has been adopted by the order as their hang-out. For relaxation they do it at the order's "transient office quarters". Once a month, there is a lodge meeting that the members attend. If anyone messes with a Cuacuahtin, they made an enemy of the entire order. The mentality of an Cuacuahtin is don't insult the order, as in flip one off and you are lucky if all the order does is give you a beating after hunting you down.[2]


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