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Paco from the Cutters

The Cutters are a gang based in the UCAS.

Membership (2058): 305-330[1]

Membership (2072): 10,000[2]

Annual Income: in the 100s of millions (nuyen)[3]


The Cutters are one of the largest gangs in North America. They are also active in parts of Europe and South America. The gang has exploded in size as its membership skyrocketed, rising from 303-330 in North America (25-50 in Seattle) in the year 2058 to approximately 10,000 members (350 in Seattle) as of 2072.[4][5]

They trace their origins to a gang in Los Angeles in the 1980s. They have chapters in major cities, and in 2054 were one of the largest (second largest) gangs in Seattle, after the Ancients and before the Tigers (a gang affiliated with the Eighty Eights triad). A biological warfare agent incident, sometimes known as the Lone Wolf incident, decimated the Seattle branch of the Cutters in 2054.[6] Since then they have been slowly rebuilding their strength.

In the 2070s, one of the largest chapters is the one in New York City. It controls much of the areas of Manhattan that were abandoned by the Manhattan Development Council like the pit since they ousted the other major gangs, like the Axemen, in that area.[7] Both leaders of the Smoker's Club assassins organization - Riser and Yankee - were former members of the Cutters gang.[8]


The Cutters accept members of all metatypes except elves, due to their ongoing enmity with the Ancients. Compared to other gangs, Cutters organizational structure is relatively sophisticated and business like. They tend to care more about profit than pure reputation, and most of their actions will be carried out only after a cost-vs-profit analysis.

The Cutters have a board of directors with a CEO, CFO, CIO (intelligence) and so on. The gang is organized into departments that deal with certain aspects of operations or markets. The gang is primarily involved in smuggling, protection rackets, and “freelance security work,” which usually means acting as hired muscle.[9]

At least two of its chapters (Seattle and Los Angeles) are working closely with the Vory.[10] The chapter in Boston works for the Mafia.[11] There is a Cutter gang in the city of London in the United Kingdom which unlike it's counterparts in North America is a racist gang which hates metahumans.[12] The gang is large enough that it forms its own prison gang within the penal systems of North America.[13]

Leadership (2054)[]

  • Blake: leader of the Cutters in Seattle, sophisticated black human (alive in 2058)
  • Ranger: Cutters' war boss (dies in 2054)
  • Vladimir: Cutters' lieutenant, bloodthirsty, vicious (alive in 2058, deceased in 2070)
  • Ivan “the Terrible” Janovich replaces Vladimir and increased the ties with the Vory, despite the fact that the latter are most likely behind Vladimir's death.
  • Springblossom: Cutters' lieutenant, Deer shaman (alive in 2058)
  • Musen: Cutters' accountant
  • Fahd: Cutters' business developer

Leadership (2071)[14][]

  • Jorge Mendoza: CEO and chairman, mixed-race human who speaks Aztlaner Spanish, English, and Navajo fluently.
  • Rachel Boyd: Mixed-race human female with a Yale law degree.
  • LaDonnel Jackson: Black ork.
  • William Jennings: Caucasian human and ex-UCAS military officer.
  • Alexander Pietre: Awakened troll.
  • Dr. Karina Oliveras: Female dwarf with a Phd.

Chapters in North America[]

Cities in which the Cutters have chapters:


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