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Cyberdeck Fairlight Excalibur

Cyberdeck Fairlight Excalibur

A cyberdeck is a powerful portable microcomputing device with enough computational power to render the ASIST interface of the Matrix as well as run illegal programs to subvert Matrix protocols. Users of cyberdecks are often called deckers; a combination of the term hacker and cyberdeck.


Cyberdecks traditionally (before 2064) looked like large computer keyboards (similar to early consumer computers in the 1980's like the Commodore 64). They are roughly 0.01875 cubic meters, (or slightly larger than a laptop by the standards of the early 2000's).[1]

With cyberdecks reemergence in 2075, they now appear to look like modern tablets (by the standards of the 2010's).


In 2034, Matrix Systems releases the first cyberdeck called the Portal.

Pre-Crash 2.0, a cyberdeck required a hardline connection to the Matrix. But with the rise of the wireless Matrix cyberdeck technology was retired as commlinks were smaller and just as, if not more, powerful than previous cyberdeck technology.

In 2075, with GOD's new wireless Matrix protocols, performing illegal Matrix actions became impossible for standard commlinks to perform. A new brand of hardware was created to subvert Matrix protocols and these devices became, once again, known as cyberdecks.


In Shadowrun (SNES), there is only one type of cyberdeck available. A decker needs to have a cyberdeck and a functional datajack to access the Matrix.

Returns, Dragonfall & Hong Kong[]

In these games, there are several types of cyberdecks available:

Brand Programs ESPs Evasion IP AP Description
Fairlight Excalibur 6 3 5 225 4 The deck that every decker dreams of owning. It's the Holy Grail of cyberdecks.
Fuchi VirtuaX 5 2 3 200 3 Fuchi created the VirtuaX for employees. Now deckers love to use it against them.
Renraku Craftwerk-1 4 2 2 175 3 Renraku's best deck.
Easily modified for the streets.
Sony CTY-360 3 1 0 150 2 An entry level deck adopted by shadowrunners. Simple, street ready, and nearly indestructible.


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