Cyberware is the hardware or machine parts implanted in the human body and acting as an interface between the central nervous system and the computers or machinery connected to it.


Cyberware is technology that attempts to create a working interface between machines/computers and the human nervous system, including the brain.

Cyberware GradesEdit

Type Description
Basic Cyberware Mass produced and easy to find. Any street doctor or surgeon should be able to implant this type of cyberware.
Alphaware Cyberware that uses higher quality materials than basic cyberware and is better

constructed. Though repairing said cyberware is more expensive and difficult, at twice the cost. Alphaware is twice as expensive as basic cyberware.

Betaware Cyberware that is custom fitted and adjusted to fit the physiology of the user.

It needs to be special ordered and the user has to undergo a variety of tests to analyze the condition of their body, and submit to DNA screening and chemical tests. Betaware is ×4 as expensive as basic cyberware.

Deltware The rarest grade. The cyberware is custom built for the user and is built out of

the highest grade plastics, metals, and ceramics. While the implant is put into your body the electronics are wired thereby insuring perfect compatibility. Deltaware is ×8 as expensive as basic cyberware and the clinics which have the ability to create and install cyberware are among the most jealously guarded and best protected secrets within a corporation.

Shadowrun: DragonfallEdit

In Shadowrun: Dragonfall, there are several types of known cyberwares:

Name Type Essence Cost Description
Adrenal Contractor Body 0 When triggered, gain +1 AP but take an additional 2 DMG from attacks. Lasts 3 RNDS.
Ares Dermal Plating (Alpha) Body 1 Ares unique hi-tech dermal armor plating implants. Adds +2 Armor and +1 Body.
Ares Dermal Plating (Basic) Body 1 Ares basic dermal armor plating implants. Adds +1 Armor.
Auto-Injector (Bliss) Arm 0.5 When triggered, incoming DMG reduced by 3 and Strength reduced by 1 for 4 RNDS of combat.
Auto-Injector (Hyper) Arm 0.5 When triggered, Accuracy is increased by 6% and incoming DMG is increased by 3 for 3 RNDS of combat.
Aztechnology Cyberleg (Basic) Leg 2 Basic yet powerful metal machine replacements for your legs. Adds +8 HP and +1 Quickness.
Brightlight System Eyes 0.5 High-energy flashbulbs hidden in a cybereye. Capable of temporarily blinding an opponent.
Cerebral Booster Head 0.5 Bioware. Introduces additional convolutions and gyri into the frontal lobes of the cerebellum, boosting intelligence by 1.
Datajack Head 0.5 A requirement for riggers, deckers, and those that want to use a Smartlink weapon.
Encephalon Brain 1 A processor that boosts a user's knowledge-based skills. Adds +1 Intelligence.
Encephalon Next Brain 1.5 A bleeding-edge neural assistance processor. Adds +2 Intelligence.
Enhanced Articulation Leg 0.5 Bioware. Coats and lubricates joint surfaces of the legs to provide extreme fluidity of motion. +1 Dodge, +1 Quickness.
Eye Datajack Eyes 0.5 A datajack concealed inside of a cybereye. A favorite of spies and infiltrators.
Hydraulic Jack Mk 1 Leg 1 Increases run speed for short bursts, allowing thuser to spring forward rapidly (+3 Movement).
Hydraulic Jack Mk 2 Leg 1.3 Increases run speed for short bursts, allowing the user to spring forward rapidly (+4 Movement).
Induction Datajack Arm 0.3 Useful for deckers and riggers who don't want to sacrifice valuable headware space.