The Da Brag Rock is a pirate crew based in Ork Brac.

The Da Brag Rock are Ork pirates who operate in the Caribbean League. Ork Brac is their safe haven, where they act as a sort of coast guard for the trog inhabitants, with a shore crew of Trolls providing support.[1]

These ork pirates run their operations from all over the island as they don't maintain a central headquarters. Da Brag Rock's vessels operate out of a dozen harbors, ports, caves, and alcoves. They have 18 ships of various models and makes, and most of them are armed to the teeth and armored up. Yet the weapons are kept out of sight unless needed. Each has a crew of mostly orks, while the captains and boarders are predominately trolls.

They are pirates who rarely kill anyone, but will leave the victims stranded on small islands and communicate to the authorities where they are. Da Brag Rock ships carry the trolls when they got a target, otherwise when on recon or looking for potential targets they carry only orks. They fence most of what they stole with a few local fixers in Ork Brac who they trust to give it to the island's charities which take care of the island's children.[2]


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