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Dallas/Ft. Worth

Vital Statistics[]

  • Population: 17,837,900
    • Human: 48%
    • Elf: 11%
    • Dwarf: 3%
    • Ork: 18%
    • Troll: 19%
    • Other: 1%
  • Population Density: 112.7 per square kilometer
  • Per Capita Income: 143,000¥
  • Below Poverty Level: 37%
  • On Fortune’s Active Traders List: 1%
  • Corporate Affiliation: 84%
  • Percent SINless: 28% (est.)
  • Education:
    • Drop-outs: 33%
    • High School: 42%
    • College Degree: 16%
    • Graduate Degree: 9%
  • Hospitals and Clinics: 10
  • Bishop’s Crime Probability Level: 7
  • Felonious Crime Rate: 24 per 1000 per annum

Public Services[]

  • Police Services: Lone Star (Won contract in 2059, and began takeover of DFWPD on January 1, 2060).
  • Power: Texas Power Consortium (owned by PCC ClearPower Associates)
  • Water: Viterra, Inc.
  • Waste Services: Gaeatronics (with competition from Confederacy Recycling and Shiawase Waste Management)
  • Telecommunications/LTG/Wireless: NovaTech STS (formerly Fuchi’s BellSouth Subsidiary), and through a complex exchange, now owned by Transys Neuronet and the NeoNET group.
  • Public Transit: Dallas Fort Worth Transit Authority (City)
  • GridGuide/Roads: Dallas Fort Worth Public Roadway Department (City)
  • Medical Services:
    • Primary Contractor: DocWagon (Los Colinas Medical Center – DFW HQ)
    • Secondary Contractors: CrashCart, DFW Med Services


The DFW metroplex is the second most influential sprawl in the CAS, second only to Atlanta. The population of the city swelled tremendously following the invasion by Aztlan in 2035, mostly with Houston refugees, but also with a sizable number of Aztlan immigrants. The city was already on the edge of breakdown, but the influx of refugees pushed the services of the city to the breaking point. It is only within the past 15 or 20 years that DFW has managed to get a handle on its problems and emerge as a cultural and economic powerhouse in the CAS.


Socially, there are three dominant factors in DFW society:

  • Firstly is the sizable Aztlaner population, which forms upwards of 40% of the populace of the city. Confined to low-cost regions of the city, these de facto ghettoes have created a vibrant social scene in the city, which is becoming world renowned as the place to go for Mexican music and dance. It is part of their cultural identity that they are not Aztlaner, but Mexican (or Latino), and calling someone an Aztlaner is considered offensive and can be grounds for violence – at least for some.
  • Then there are the associated tensions with the Aztlan government itself (or rather, Aztechnology). Anti-Aztlaner paranoia is rampant, and is used to justify much discrimination against the Aztlaners, and is the source of much violence within the Mexican/Latino community as well. The problem is complicated by an explicit policy of helping refugees flee Aztlan combined with a propensity for the Aztlan intelligence service to send agents disguised as refugees. There is a significant fear that Aztlan may be planning to start an insurgent campaign in DFW as a prelude to invasion – a fear stoked by the occasional terrorist bombing. Then again, the CAS and various refugee groups are trying to do the same thing to Aztlan.
  • Lastly is the rather significant gap between the rich and poor within the sprawl, which manifests in a number of different ways. The small middle class is largely human, corporately affiliated, and rarely leave their gated enclaves. Lower class consists of a mix of Aztlaner immigrants, poor Texans displaced by the Aztlan annexation, and a disproportionate number of metahumans (particularly orcs). The upper class consists of a mix of wealthy Aztlaner aristocrats, upper crust CAS natives and the social “glitterati��? that dominate the DFW social scene.

Getting Around[]

The DFW Metroplex is a big area, almost 10,000 square miles of urban sprawl. Moving around the city can be a challenge. Even with the advent of Grid Guide, the road network of the DFW area is simply unable to handle the massive amount of traffic in the city. Gridlock is common, and cross-plex trips can take upwards of three hours on the roads.

It is only within the past 20 years that an adequate mass transit system has been built, in the form of a monorail network throughout the city. This is massively popular, though some have protested about the tiered fare structure allowing the upper classes to remain isolated from the working metahumans of the city. Bus services are common in the more secure areas of the city.

DFW also boasts an extensive amount of air traffic, with shuttle services running from region to region every half hour for a nominal fee. A number of corporations even have dedicated commuter VTOLs, bringing their more far flung employees in from the outer edges of the city.

The DFW metroplex is connected to the rest of the CAS by a maglev bullet train (referred to as the “Mag��?). DFW forms the western terminus of this ultra-fast passenger that runs through the CAS. Semi-ballistic and suborbital traffic is routed through the DFW Airport, while conventional aviation is typically routed to one of the several regional airports. Cross country road travel is less popular than it once was, the fear of awakened fauna attacks being far greater than the actual risk. Freight shipping makes up the majority of traffic, with upwards of 80% being either completely unmanned, or on autopilot.

Criminal Information[]

The syndicates maintain a fairly low profile in the DFW area. They have their fingers in the usual pies, but typically keep the violence confined to various proxy gangs. The gangs are the public face of criminal activity in DFW, and are what most civilians think of. They typically confine themselves to the ghettoes and unpoliced areas, with the occasional “raid��? in to the more civilized areas. The shadow community is relatively small, particularly compared to Seattle or Hong Kong.

Major Syndicates[]

  • Mafia - Run by Don Miguel "Caesar" Chavez, they stick to the standard rackets of the Mob - transportation, "waste management", weapon smuggling, prostitution. Don Caesar is known to be virulently anti-Aztlan, and has offered a bounty for Aztlan agents. He is also one to demand proof, and rumor has it that the last person that tried to scam him lived for almost a week.
  • The Silver Blade Yakuza is the local arm of the Sotoru-gumi. The leader of this group is unknown at this time. Their rackets include prostitution, illegal narcotics, extortion and a thriving slave trade in desperate (or just unlucky) Aztlaner refugees. The Silver Blades are considered racist even for Yakuza, and are known to avenge perceived slights against them by metahumans to bloody extremes. It is also rumored that the Silver Blades have very close ties to Renraku, but how justified those rumors are is anyone’s guess.

Gangs/Other Organizations[]

  • Bushmasters – Irving area go-gang
  • New World Soldiers – Narcotics trade and narcotic exposure of civilians
  • Mara Salvatrucha – Central American/Anti-Aztlan gang
  • Tetecutine – Aztlan refugee gang
  • The Amazons – female only go-gang, based in Arlington
  • RangeRovers – Go-gang
  • The Feathered – A particularly violent pro-Aztechnology gang, infamous for their brutality, weaponry, and high casualty rate.

Shadow Community[]

  • ~100 active runners


DFW is divided into 11 major administrative districts, corresponding roughly to the old county jurisdictions. [Note: Letters in parenthesis are the Lone Star security ratings for a region. Z-zones are considered too dangerous to patrol.]

  • Wise (C) – Mostly working class apartment/tenement complexes serving the extensive General Dynamics and Saeder Krupp facilities in the area. Lake Bridgeport was the site of a massive chemical spill in the mid 50’s, and the cleanup has been an ongoing fiasco. Cancer rates in the area are significantly above normal.
  • Parker (E/Z) – The largest ghettoes of DFW. The site of TEMA’s first temporary housing for refugees from the Aztlan War. Water supplies were inadequate, and a massive outbreak of cholera and VITAS soon followed. Since then, the area is largely ungoverned and ungovernable, the Weatherford Barrens having a particularly nasty reputation.
  • Somervell (D) – While only slightly less impoverished than Parker, the Somervell District is the vibrant core of Aztlan refugee population. It is also home to some of the worst labor exploitation in the metroplex.
  • Denton (A) – This is where the refugees with money settled. The area is reasonably prosperous. Gated communities abound. Denton is also home to Renraku’s Arcology Project #4.
  • Hill (B) – The southernmost part of the DFW metroplex. This is where most of the food production of the city takes place in massive aquaculture facilities. The Texas Ranger’s primary facility in the DFW area - Fort Bush – is located in the southern part of the district.
  • McKinney (B) – Much of Saeder-Krupp’s heavy industry and chemical work takes place here, and they own much of Lakes Lavon & Hubbard, along with TI. Rumors persist of secret underwater facilities in both lakes.
  • Rockwall (AA) – An extremely exclusive area – most of the media stars in the CAS have estates here.
  • Kaufman (D) – Consisting of mostly heavy industry, this district is famous for having the worst air quality in the plex. Filter masks are practically required, and many of the working-class residents can barely afford them.
  • Ellis (C) – Ellis is where excitement goes to die, at least according to most. Massive blocks of apartments house the middle classes in seemingly neverending rows. Gaeatronics handles most of their waste processing in this area, and have generally done a good job of it. Saeder-Krupp has revived the old SSC project here, and maintains a significant R&D center here.

Some Core DFW neighborhoods[]

  • Arlington (Z) – The most impoverished, crushingly poor section of DFW. Overcrowded with Aztlan refugees, and plagued by crime and gang violence. Several corporations have facilities in the area. The area around Arlington Stadium and Seven Flags Over Texas is the only prosperous region.
  • Carrolton (A) – High-density commercial/residential area.
  • Dallas (B-D) – The core downtown district of Dallas has expanded over the years, but the south side has gradually slid further down into poverty. The Texas Senate meets at the Dallas County Convention Center, and much of downtown is dominated by Texas State and CAS offices.
  • Fort Worth (A-E) – The southeast portion of FW has slowly succumbed to the rot of the Arlington area, and the area around Meacham Airport is an industrial wasteland. The rest of the city is reasonably well maintained and prosperous, with General Dynamics, BelTV and the nearby Texas Rangers continually pumping money into the local economy.
  • Grand Prairie (AA-A) – The center of fashion design in the CAS. Museums, galleries, and trendy shops make Grand Prairie the cultural center of the metroplex, the place to be seen, and the place for all the trendiest clubs. Needless to say, crime is rife – but rarely violent.
  • Los Colinas (A-C/AAA) – Los Colinas has grown and is a gated, privately secured (by Knight Errant) collection of corporate enclaves – mostly AA and A stuff. This area is also home to the Los Colinas Movie Studios, which have become the most productive in the CAS. A number of the wealthier refugees from the Los Angeles floods of 2069 have come to the area, enhancing its prestige.
  • Mesquite (B) – Dominated by chemical industry and support, this is where a significant percentage of DFW residents go to work.
  • Plano (A) – The Tech Corridor of DFW. This is where all the cutting edge computer work goes on. Dominated by skyscrapers corporate complexes, the residential and commercial sector is inextricably mixed together, making for short commute times.
  • Garland (E) – Highest density of orks and trolls in the metroplex – with several ork and troll only neighborhoods and walled enclaves. Heavy industry dominates.

Major Corporations[]

The following list is presented in no particular order. Where a corporation is a division of a larger organization, it is noted, otherwise there is no link or any links are not public knowledge. In general, any corporation listed here has in excess of 3000 employees in the DFW area. Other corporations do exist with more than 3000 employees, but I’m tired of coming up with names. I reserve the right to pull new companies out of my nether regions whenever needed.

Top Tier (AAA) Megacorporate Subsidiaries[]

  • Ares Macrotechnology (31,000 employees)
    • Ares Integrated Solutions – Manufacturing systems and processing facilities.
    • Ares Small Arms – Personal firearms (primary fab for Predator series is in DFW).
    • Knight Errant – private security.
  • Aztechnology (>6,200 employees)
    • Genetique – Specialists in improving agricultural efficiency through genetic manipulation of crops.
    • Televisa – Spanish language news for rebroadcast in Aztlan.
    • Due to the delicate political situation, Aztechnology has no direct ownership of any entity, but has significant assets in a number of local firms hidden behind multiple levels of concealment.
  • Evo (47,000 employees)
    • Crashcart - Crashcart-Baylor Medical Center – Crashcart’s long-term care center. The second largest medical consortium in the DFW area.
    • Renaissance – The largest chain of human-enhancement boutiques in the CAS is headquartered in Grand Prairie. They do everything from cosmetic surgery to implants – anything you don’t have to have done, they’ll do.
  • Horizon (23,350 employees)
    • Horizon Los Colinas Studios – Primary operator of the Los Colinas Movie Studios (LCMS). Formerly of Cross Applied Technologies.
    • Esmerelda – One of the up-and-coming fashion labels in the Grand Prairie district, and the label behind an advertising and marketing campaign that makes Abercrombie & Finch look like amateurs.
    • The Trend Group – This viral marketing firm is one of the gems in Horizon’s social engineering crown.
  • Mitsuhama Computer Technologies (16,000 employees)
    • Zen-Marsh Chemicals – Fertilizers and household chemical manufacturing.
    • It’s rumored that Mitsuhama has ownership of the two schools (Gifted & St. Ignatius) in the DFW area that specialize in Awakened education, which might explain why metahuman children so rarely meet their entry criteria.
  • NeoNET (71,000 employees)
    • FTL Matrixware – Matrix site development and servicing.
    • Novatech STS – Telecomm system provider for DFW LTG.
    • Nokia – Wireless systems development and manufacture.
  • Renraku Computer Systems (147,000 employees)
    • Festival Foods – Soy food processing and processing systems.
    • Architectural Dynamics – Building design consulting firm.
    • Renraku Arcology Systems – Project 4 is open for business, though it won’t be completed for another decade. The current population is only 200,000.
    • Tandy Corporation – ICE development and manufacture and server systems. Acquired from NeoNET during the turbulence of 65.
  • Saeder-Krupp (220,000 employees)
    • Angelic Entertainment – Interactive Simsense Studio, associated with LCMS.
    • Triox – Materials and chemical manufacturing. Pure chemicals, composites, gases, household chemicals, etc.
    • Exxon-Mobile – Fuel refining and distribution.
    • SK Heavy Fabrication – Large scale construction (skyscrapers, bridges, dams, roads). Works all over the CAS.
  • Shiawase (45,500 employees)
    • Fuchi Simsense Studios – Based out of Garland.
    • Desert Storm Security – Leading private security firm, though Knight Errant is a close second.
    • Viterra, Inc – Water supplier for metroplex.
  • Wuxing (31,250 employees)
    • Wuxing Worldwide Shipping – NA Headquarters, Distribution. They own the major rail freight lines across the state, and a significant percentage of the CAS’s total rail system.
    • Jam-Bo Games
    • Albion Mutual Funds

Second Tier (AA) Megacorporations[]

  • Alpha Plassteel (Salish-Sidhe) (18,500 employees) – Construction materials manufacturer. This is the largest facility outside of Salish-Sidhe.
  • American Airlines/Southwest (14,800 employees) – Primary civil transit in and out of DFW and Love fields.
  • BeLTV (19,000 employees)– Latest incarnation of Sikorsky-Bell. Manufacturer of military attack and transit craft, as well as civil-use helicopters.
  • General Dynamics (78,000 employees)– Primary military contractor to the Texas Rangers and the CAS Armed forces. Much of their heavy manufacturing (armor, heavy weapons, etc.) is in the Fort Worth area. The joke is that Ares finances General Dynamics’ training programs by hiring so many runners to attack the facility.
  • Lockheed-Martin (21,000 employees)– Manufacturer of advanced strike aircraft and drones. Also in the transorbital transport aircraft business, but theFort Worth facility is in the military aircraft division. Closely allied with General Dynamics.
  • Texas Instruments (170,000 employees) – Electronics components, Optical chips, RF components, component construction systems. Self-contained headquarters compound on NE side of town. TI and SK waged a quiet shadow war during the 50s and 60s before coming to a truce. SK sold their related businesses to TI in the CAS, and in return TI has gives SK significant price discounts on chips and licensing deals. Over the past 10 years they have been cooperating more and more, and form a significant power block in the CAS. Relations with Renraku have been deteriorating, and it is rumored that TI is planning on building an arcology to rival Renraku’s.

Third Tier (A) Megacorporations[]

  • Brikssen (German) – Construction materials.
  • Burlington Santa-Fe (PCC) – CAS Headquarters, Main switchyard
  • Gagliardi Group – Architectural Firm
  • Grey Eagle Water Systems (UTE) – Private water filtration systems.
  • JBC Inc – Store displays.
  • Kaman Manufacturing – Short run manufacturing.
  • Mary Kay, Inc – Global cosmetics distribution/manufacturing firm.
  • Northrop-Grumman – Drones and aircraft manufacturing.
  • Solaris Group – Programming and systems design firm.
  • XO Communications Systems – Matrix services and ICE hardware manufacturing.

Other Major Employers[]

  • A.C.T. Cleaning Services – Maid services.
  • Brand Institute Inc – Market research.
  • Consortium Matrix Services – Matrix –uh– services.
  • Dallas Stone – Stone extrusion, molding and construction.
  • David Smith Construction – Housing construction.
  • Fabela Advanced Construction – Pre-fabricated building components.
  • Machine Automation Technologies – Robotic manufacturing systems.
  • Nitenday Industries – Lighting systems
  • Oevae Marketing Services
  • Spectrum Holofix Entertainment Systems – Projector/reader systems for simsense and trideo.
  • Spenro Industries – Aircraft maintenance tools
  • TXInsure – Insurance

DFW Politics[]


Mayor Joseph Elliot Tovar, Democratic Reform Party Elected to current office during the True American Coalition’s rise in 2060. Currently under investigation by DDI in relation to potential bribery while on city council from 2052-2060. The mayor of the DFW metroplex is relatively weak, with most authority residing with the City Council. What power the mayor has is by serving as the chair of the council.

City Council[]

Elected body with one representative from each major district, 1 generally elected representative, with an additional 6 corporate representatives. One rep from the 4 top employers (that don’t have city contracts), and 2 elected by the remaining corporations with >1000 employees.

  • City Representatives
    • Parker – Jorge Melendez Esparza, Southern Democratic Party. Widely believed to be controlled by one of the Hispanic gangs operating in the area (Mara Salvatrucha, or Tetecutine – nobody is certain which), and Saeder-Krupp.
    • Collin – David Morita, Republican Party. Formerly part of the Conservative Party, but left the party in disgust in 2055. He re-won his seat in the special election. He is an outspoken advocate of metahuman rights and government restraint, and was the champion of the Lonestar police contract.
    • Dallas – Stephanie Elmore, Southern Democratic Party. She has so many special interest groups behind her that she doesn’t have time for a real agenda. The jury is still out on whether or not she is genuinely motivated by any of the policies she advocates, or just mindlessly (if effectively) pandering.
    • Denton – Jitendra Patel, Conservative Party. Primarily concerned with education and family services. Publicly she has the reputation of being the nicest member of the council. This is a carefully maintained façade for what might be the most ruthless schemer in DFW politics.
    • Fort Worth – Cristofer Ivanov, Conservative Party. Recently revealed links to the Humanis Policlub have turned him into a lame-duck, and the least influential member of the council. Some are calling for him to resign.
    • Rockwall – Sofia Cruz (Elf), Democratic Reform Party. Former fashion designer that got involved in politics several years ago – some say because it had become fashionable. “Cruz��? is one of the more recognizable fashion labels in NA, and Sofia is quite wealthy.
    • Ellis – Jason O’Brien, Democratic Reform Party. Widely regarded as the most eloquent member of the DRP, he was crucial in solidifying the TAC in Texas. He is widely expected to run for governor next election.
    • Somervell – Ernesto Guitterez, Republican Party. Virulently anti-Aztlan, almost suspiciously so.
    • Kaufmann – Andrea Odom, Democratic Reform Party. Former employee of Triox, and SK’s Council representative. Left Triox in a bit of a cloud when he questioned safety processes at the Triox plant. He then ran on the Democratic Reform ticket, and got back on the council.
    • McKinney – Dr. Cory Jennings (Ork), Independent. Advocate for fair-hiring practices by corporations. Known to be dating Silvia Platt, simsense star. Considered by some to be a “sellout��? because he underwent corrective surgery on his teeth and jaw.
    • Hill – Mary Ann Keating, Republican Party. Longest standing member of the council, having been in her position for almost 12 years. Rumor has it that she was not entirely pleased at being passed over for Tovar when the True American Coalition united, and that she refused the deputy slot because of it.
    • General Representative – Earl Pasarelli (Owl Shaman), Green Party. The only Awakened member of the council, and the first shaman in elected office in Dallas. He is the foremost (some say only) environmental activist in the council. Reported links to Terra First have been repeatedly disproved, but rumors persist.
  • Commercial Representatives
    • Texas Instruments – Ron Santiago. Recently promoted by the board to the post of Chief Relations Officer. He is still feeling his way around on the council, but his access to TI’s information files is rumored to give him an unusual amount of throw weight.
    • General Dynamics – Amanda Miller. Longest-term corporate representative at 8 years. As a result of internal politics, the position was given to VP-Public Relations Miller rather than a member of the board because the board was unable to agree on a choice.
    • Renraku – Akiko Toshida. Coming after a rapid string of Renraku representatives, Ms. Toshida was the first to serve for longer than 9 months in almost a decade. Now entering her forth year as representative, she has developed a reputation for playing extremely rough politics.
    • Triox/Saeder-Krupp – Gustav Havel (Dwarf). It is unclear if Gustav is a member of Saeder-Krupp Prime, or just way up in Triox – even Gustav may not know. It is assumed that anything that Gustav says is dictated by Lofwyr…which makes people pay attention.
    • General Corporate Representative 1 – Josi Brumbalow (CEO, XO Communication Systems). An adroit politician, she was one of the core group that assembled XO from the ruins of the telecomm industry after the Crash – and keeping it from getting consumed by TI. Widely respected within the corporate and public communities.
    • General Corporate Representative 2 – Sean Youn Kim (COO, Kaman Manufacturing). An intense, workaholic man who tirelessly fights any control or regulation of any corporate activities. Not well liked by the city representatives.

CAS Government Organizations[]

Four CAS agencies have a significant presence in the DFW area. The CAS has a tendency to leave things to individual states, and Texas is notoriously touchy about protecting their sovereignty.

  • ERLA has sizable offices in the DFW area, and is constantly sending inspectors into corporate territory to ensure that they are compliant with the terms of their leasing contracts...and hiring shadow talent to find evidence of cheating, and even occasionally to levy indirect fines against corporations.
  • The DDI has their primary training complex north of DFW at Fort Roberts. Their operations in Texas have gained a reputation for arrogant, brutal incompetence.
  • The DSI has facilities scattered about the metroplex for the purpose of supporting operations in Aztlan and the Pueblo Corporate Council.
  • The DEP has a sizeable presence in the DFW area, mainly in the form of toxic cleanup sites from earlier disasters they completely failed to prevent, detect, cleanup successfully the first time, hide from media attention or foist off onto another agency.

Texas State Organizations[]

After the Aztlan invasion of 2035, Texas relocated the state capital to Dallas as an emergency measure. Some thirty years later, the government still resides in Dallas, and officially this is still an entirely temporary measure. Texas loyalists can be particularly touchy about the subject, and will often refer to the sections of Dallas devoted to state affairs as Austin. Governor Theresa Vasquez – Republican Party. Continuing the long run of Republican control of the state government, Theresa is a dyed-in-the-wool Texan. She was an officer during the 2035 invasion, and was badly wounded during the Battle of Corpus Christi. She wears her cyberarm with no small amount of pride (and a mind for PR), and is often addressed by her friends as “the Major.��? Her career in politics has been a long, slow rise to what is probably the top of her game. She lost her first attempt at the governor’s slot in 2054, but won in 2060. Her main platforms are anti-Aztlan, defense spending, and corporate cooperation. Word in the shadows is that Vasquez isn’t above hiring mercenaries to perform “freelance��? work against Aztlan/Aztechnology interests.

Texas Rangers[]

Comprised of four divisions (2 Mechanized Infantry, 2 Light Infantry) with air support assets. They report to the Governor, not the Secretary of Defense in Atlanta, making them effectively the Texas Army. They provide security for state governmental functions, and also handle embassy and corporate border security services within the state (causing fits with ERLA). The Texas Rangers are quite prestigious, and are comprised largely of former regular CAS army personnel. The white hats of their dress uniforms are quite distinctive, and have lead to their nickname. Their current commander is Lieutenant General Marshall “Marsh��? O’Malley.

Texas State Congress[]

Composed of a House of Representatives (123 members), which meets in Fort Worth, and a Senate (54 members) that meets in Dallas. No corporates have official representation in the Texas Congress. The corporations are lobbying hard to add official representation - if rumor is to be believed, this is primarily to reduce the costs of bribes.

Political Organizations[]

CAS Political Parties[]

The following parties are more (or less) active within the CAS. The Green and Technocratic parties are small (<5% votes each), but growing, and have been significant in a few elections. The Republican and Democratic Reform parties have formed the True American coalition, and swept into power in 2060, and have been in office ever since. The “True Southerners��? – the Conservative and Southern Democrats – tend to be isolationist and have often played on “Real South��? imagery, which has started playing less and less well over the years.

  • True American Coaltion
    • Republican Party - The Republican Party was the primary force behind the 2034 secession. Fiscally conservative.
    • Democratic Reform Party (“Reformists��?) – The center-leaning part of the Southern Democratic party split off in 2040 when the Southern Democrats took no action in response to the Night of Rage. Metahuman rights and corporate regulation are their primary foci.
  • Conservative Party – Broke away from the Republican Party in 2038 for not being sufficiently anti-Awakened and anti-megacorp. Reactionary and widely considered to have close ties to the Humanis Policlub
  • Southern Democratic Party – Broke off from the Democratic Party in 2024 as a prelude to the 2034 secession, which they orchestrated with the Republican Party.
  • Green Party – Environmental activism and protection. The biggest challenge facing the party is to distance themselves from the extremists that are associated with the party.
  • Technocratic Party – A vaguely millenarian group that holds that technology and magic will allow for governments to engineer a new and better society. A strong party in the UCAS, and it has gradually become more and more of a force over the past decade in the CAS.

Major Policlubs & Non-Corporate Organization[]

  • ACLU – Still going, but fighting a loosing (lost?) battle against the gradual corporatization of society.
  • Atlantean Foundation – Founded in Atlanta in 2012 as an organization devoted to "restoring the glory of ancient Atlantis." Funds numerous archaeological expeditions, documentaries and education programs.
  • Church of the Undying Light – A genuinely benevolent organization of social activists that arose during the Year of the Comet – despite rumored ties to the Mob. Small groups have spread to a number of cities across North America, spreading the teachings of their founder, Ellen Barai.
  • Children of the Dragon – A group devoted to carrying on the “fight against darkness��? that Dunkelzahn waged. Initially an unusually effective group devoted to helping the poor, they have since become split over theological issues and have turned to endless bickering.
  • Draco Foundation – The organization in charge of discharging the various bequests in President Dunkelzahn’s will. They have an unknown amount of funding (probably a lot) and they have set up offices in most major cities in North America. Their activities have expanded beyond the public aspects of the will, and nobody knows exactly what their goals are at this point, but are widely considered benevolent.
  • Free Aztlan – One of many anti-Aztechnology groups of former Aztlaners in CAS, and the largest in Texas. They mostly confine themselves to rallies and pickets, but they have been accused of taking more covert action against Aztechnology personnel and assets. It’s an open secret that they provide funds to the Yucatán rebels and resistance fighters in northern Aztlan.
  • Humanis Policlub – An arch-conservative fear/hate group against metahumans and the Awakened. Widely loathed in public forums, it still has a disturbingly large number of members, many of whom take great care to conceal their identities. KKK-type activities are rare, but do happen. They walk an extremely fine legal line. Considered to operate as a front organization for more belligerent organizations and gangs.
  • Illuminates of the New Dawn – Millenarian group that that seeks a transformation of society through magic and technology. They are much like the Technocratic Party, but are centered around a core group of mages. Membership is relatively small (10,000 or so in the UCAS and CAS), but they move in extremely powerful circles.
  • Mothers of Metahumans – A human/metahuman alliance organization. Involved in public advocacy as well as providing social services to underprivileged metahumans. Has meeting houses/organizations all over North America.
  • Ork Rights Committee – A goblinized (trolls and orks) advocacy group. Has a slightly militant air, along with a distinct anti-elf streak amongst some members. Operates primarily in the UCAS/CAS area.
  • The Seventh Seal – An extremist arm of the Humanis Policlub, with distinct apocalyptic overtones. Primarily based in Seattle, but they are slowly spreading their message of hate to other sprawls and have a significant presence in DFW.
  • Sons of the Alamo – The most belligerent Anti-Aztechnology/Aztlan policlub in Texas. Primarily composed of native Texans and those displaced by the Aztlan War they undertake numerous actions against Aztlan and Aztechnology, including logistical support of "freedom fighters" in the "occupied territories" guerilla warfare, funding of the Yucatán rebellion, and making raids against Aztlan and Aztechnology assets within the CAS and Aztlan. Their actions are becoming more violent. Their motto: "El Paso: Never surrender. Never forget. Never forgive."


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