Type Adult Western Dragon
Sex Unknown
Coloring Silver and Purple
Metahuman Form(s) various, violet eyes
Primary Lair Somewhere in Toronto
Translator N/A

"Damon" is the alias of an adult western dragon.

Damon prefers the company of metahumanity over dragon kind. Damon's metahuman form and gender change at a whim. To help people find him he always has vivid violet eyes.

He is often found wherever there are people having fun and taking risks. This can include, nightclubs, sporting events, casinos, trid entertainment complexes, etc. Where he will party hard, seduce a mate, and reveal to them that he is a dragon.

By the 2070's Damon has become something of an urban legend and a line of violet contacts inspired by Damon became very popular. Which has made it harder to identify the real Damon. He is also a crime lord in the city of Boston, dominating the BADs racket through sales done via his night clubs and the Hellriders gang which works for him.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

In the 2050's in Atlanta, I-Ching Property Management starts doing business buying real estate.[2]

Damon has mostly been seen in North America, but in 2069 he took a tour around Europe and Asia.

He attended the New Year's Eve Celebration in Downtown Seattle on December 31, 2070.

In the 2070's Damon moved to Boston and set up shop taking over BAD distribution, nightclubs, music industry, and the witches of Salem.

In 2076 , Damon is quarantined with the rest of Boston behind the QZ.

Holdings[edit | edit source]

It is said that Damon has holdings in NeoNET and possibly Truman Technologies.

It is also believed that Damon helps fund start up nightclubs and has some dealings with drugs.

Damon purchases real estate under the company I-Ching Property Management.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

He is known to hang out at Perianwyr's nightclub, the Weekday Eclipse. and has been known to get really drunk with the wyrm. He may have also helped finance the club.

Damon is said to have a resemblance to Dunkelzahn.

Damon has divided the witches of Salem. Some of them love him while others hate him. For the ones that love him, they have a few following the dragon mentor spirit. While the others believe he cannot be trusted and actively work to get rid of him from Salem.

Known Aliases and Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Dion – Manhattan
  • Eshu – Miami
  • Bowie – Houston
  • Heyoka – Cheyenne
  • Coke – Los Angeles
  • Angel – Seattle
  • Skydancer – Denver
  • Odoriko – Tokyo
  • Fokine – Vladivostok
  • Bast – Paris
  • Drake – Berlin
  • Teset – Portland
  • Daimos – Rio de Janeiro

Comment[edit | edit source]

Damon's true gender is unknown.

Despite all of the sex Damon has had, he has never had any children. It is against the rules of dragon culture to have children with the mortal races, since the last time dragons bred with the mortal races it created the immortal elves in the second age, which would become one of the greatest threats to dragon kind.

It is believed that a serial killer, who impersonates Damon, is an agent of the other dragons. It is believed that this serial killer murders Damon's mates that become pregnant to insure no other immortal races will be born.

Dragons are considerably more vulnerable when in metahuman form. So despite being a powerful dragon, Damon places himself in very real mortal peril while doing risky activities; since he is almost always in metahuman form.

References[edit | edit source]

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