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Dances With Clams is a hire-able Shadowrunner in Shadowrun (SNES).


Dances with Clams is another magic user that you can certainly live without. For the price, he is ridiculously underpowered. His basic damage potential is too poor for words. His defense and HP are also so low that he will be lucky to survive one-on-one battles with Peepholes. On top of this, Dances with Clams only stays with you for a very small period of time, meaning any money spent hiring him will likely be wasted before you can get any use out of him. On the positive side, his price does decrease quite dramatically as your Negotiation skill increases.

Dances with Clams does has a few strong points, namely his high level Invisibility spell and his decent strength rating. You could conceivably give Dances with Clams the Fully Concealable Jacket, which would raise his defense enough to help him survive many of the places you could take him. You could also hire him for short periods and just use him for his Invisibility spell. This might come in handy in the Rust Stilettos hideout, as being invisible will make you impervious to damage. Still, this is a stretch, as much better Shadowrunners are available by that time. Dances with Clams' MP are not high enough to cast that spell more than 5 times, and this is only if he makes it there alive (or doesn't leave first). Save the nuyen and pass on Dances with Clams, as he is probably the worst Shadowrunner in the game.



Location Grim Reaper Club
Attack Power 3
Accuracy 1
Defense Rate 0
Firing Rate 0.50 shots / second
Weapon Type Magical
Price Negotiation 0-2: 2000 Nuyen
Negotiation 3-4: 1700 Nuyen
Negotiation 5-6: 1000 Nuyen
SR Multiplier 1
Base Duration 10 Battles
Max. Duration 16 Battles


Attributes Skills Spells Equipment Other
Body: 3
Magic: 5
Strength: 4
Charisma: 1
Leadership: 3
Negotiation: 1
None Powerball: 3
Heal: 1
Invisibility: 5
Armor: 1
Summon Spirit: 3


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