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Daniel Howling Coyote from Shadowrun Sourcebook, Sixth World Almanac

Daniel Howling Coyote (aka Daniel Coleman) was the charismatic and somewhat enigmatic founding father of the NAN.

He led the war against the United States government and freed his people from the Native American re-education camps. The Great Ghost Dance is attributed to him. His name is revered by the NAN and most Amerinds as the one who brought freedom and independence to all Native Americans.

He was born as Daniel Coleman in 1991 inside an Indian reservation in the US. In December 2011 he started a massive breakout from the re-education camp in Abilene, TX, showing massive magical abilities. In 2014 he announced formation of the NAN. In 2016 he officially declared war against the United States of America. The new elected US President answered with the Executive Order 17-321, which legitimized the extermination of the Native American tribes. In 2017 on Aug 17, 10:32 am the Great Ghost Dance--started by Daniel Howling Coyote and his shamans--made the Mts. Hood, Ranier, St. Helens, and Adams erupt. This led in 2018 to the Treaty of Denver and the loss of a major amount of territory of the former USA and Canada.

He served for a time on the NAN council, and wrote a book about the Great Ghost Dance and the future of NAN; however, when Tir Tairngire and Aztlan became problematic and seceded, he stepped down from his position and was never heard from again.