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Dante's Inferno
Coordinates 47°36' N, 122°19' W
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Dante's Inferno is a club in Seattle owned by Dante Passini. The club's manager is an elf, who goes by the name "Alessio". They also have a separate branch with a single establishment in Hong Kong


The Night Club is located Fifth Ave & Madison Street.


The club is styled after the allegory of the nine circles of hell as described in the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, having nine dance floors with each floor going further down with each corresponding circle of hell. They also have a digital host with which offline members and online members can react with the aid of AR. The club's digital menu is for simsense users and deliberately designed as a scroll, and the digital lounge is designed to simulate the feeling of live flames. In the digital world, staff take on icons resembling damned souls, while Template:IC looks like demons or devils.


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