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Daoism is a tradition that emphasizes living in harmony with the Dao, which is the natural order of the universe. It's both a philosophy and a religion. Intertwined throughout history with Daoism have been feng shui, traditional Chinese medicine, Chan (Zen) Buddhism, various martial arts, Chinese astrology, and numerous styles of qigong. The lay followers of Daoism often mix it with Chinese folk religion).[1]

Daoism embraced magic and therefore the reintegration of magic into Daoist-influenced societies was relatively painless compared to in the West.[1]Mystic Daoists follow one of two paths. Wai-dan Daoists become either wujen or hermetic mages, and are the most likely to live in cities. Nei-dan Daoists are mostly shamans of nature totems or adepts. They consider metahumanity as part of the universe's diversity and some Daoist give metahumans extra respect.[2]


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