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David Cartel

David Cartel (their criminal monopoly - smuggling network not shown)

The David Cartel is a crime syndicate based in Aztlan.

Due to its relationship with Aztechnology, it is one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the world. A criminal organization that controls all crime in its home country and is global in scope. Whose leader is one of the most dangerous men on Earth and which can rely on the support (intelligence and military) of both Aztechnology and Aztlan. Which for approximately seven decades (since the start of the 21st century) has grown alongside Aztechnology, and slowly but steadily has taken territory from the Ghost Cartels.


The David Cartel is nearly 100 years old. It was originally based in the city of David in Panama. The cartel was one of the three drug cartels which founded Aztechnology, the other two being the Masaya and Medellin Cartels. It is the only one remaining of the three as the other two were absorbed into Aztechnology and continues to be affiliated with the megacorporation.

The relationship between the David Cartel and Aztechnology is as tight as the one between Aztlan and Aztechnology, with much crossover between the two just as with the latter two. It is unknown as to whether it is Aztechnology that is the power behind the David Cartel or if it's the cartel which is the power behind Aztechnology.


Rise of the Cartel[]

In 2007, the ORO corporation was founded by the three most powerful Latino drug cartels (Medellin, David, and Masaya). Which would become the AAA-rated megacorporation, Aztechnology and then go on to take over the country of Mexico, and transform that nation into Aztlan.

As time went on, the other two cartels were absorbed by Aztechnology and only the David Cartel would continue to exist. The state of Aztlan then executed a brutal crackdown on smaller drug cartels the operating within its territory and as it expanded into Central America, many of the drug cartels were either crushed by Aztechnology or pushed out. The cartels were given the option of either submitting to Aztechnology and "serving" Aztlan or be exterminated.[1] Aztech hit squads wiped out several of the smaller cartels in Bolivia without provocation or warning to send a message.[2]

Cartel Victorious[]

Within Aztlan, the David Cartel faced competition from its rivals for decades. For starters there were other Mexican syndicates operating within Aztlan, which like the David Cartel were known for their brutality.[3] In addition both the Yakuza and the American Mafia had a presence in Tenochtitlan the capital. Though these two foreign syndicates were nowhere near strong enough to challenge the David Cartel, they did control some rackets.[4]

That all started to change in 2064. In the aftermath of the Yucatan peace treaty, Aztlan focused on getting rid of any "subversive" criminal syndicates within Aztlan's borders. It wasn't long before the David Cartel became the only criminal syndicate in Aztlan of any significance. They now have their fingers in every criminal racket within Aztlan. Which would mean that rebellious Mexican syndicates have been eliminated and those that remain are either now subservient to the David Cartel or so small as to be insignificant.[5]

In the aftermath of the Tempo-Drug War in 2071, the David Cartel waged a ruthless war against the remaining operations of the Ghost Cartels within Aztlan territory (e.g. Colombia) and the two foreign syndicates, annihilating their rivals.[6] It was so quick and brutal, that the Mafia and Yakuza syndicates that were in Aztlan were wiped out in a few days by Aztechnology's forces.[1]



Being a criminal syndicate whose culture is Aztlaner and it is somewhat a part of Aztechnology, it means that in the David Cartel what matters more than your metaype or the color of your skin, is the cultural group to which you pertain (e.g. a Mestizo, a peninsular, or an Amerindian).[7] Like Aztechnology itself it will neither favor or discriminate against any metatype, and if there is discrimination it would be toward those who are publicly Catholics.[8] Since the 2040s, the cartel has been controlled by the same metahuman.[9]


In Aztlaner culture, the Awakened are favored in Aztechnology, the military, and the Path of the Sun. Therefore it's natural and expected for the David Cartel to be the same. Being a proxy of Aztechnology (or vice versa), it has access to the special forces of Aztechnology which includes it's powerful magic users.[10]



The hitters of the David Cartel have augmentation in addition to being armed to the teeth and having martial arts training. The augmentation they receive may include such enhancements as muscle augmentation, wired reflexes, radar sensor, and muscle toner. They may be equipped with armor (e.g. armor jacket) and armed with weapons such as sub-machine guns and vibro-knives.[11]


Due to its relationship with Aztechnology, the David Cartel has firepower superior to most criminal organizations. It has been able to call upon special forces, air strikes, and so on as demonstrated during the Tempo-Drug War.

The cartel also has access to Aztech cyborgs such as the Huitzilopochtli model which comes with concealed armor, a sensor array, two mechanical arms, and touch sensors.[12]

Criminal Enterprises[]


The David Cartel is among the most brutal criminal syndicates in the world.[3] It is currently run by an Elf, Domingo "Ding" Ramos. Who is the son of Julio Ramos, the founder of the David Cartel and co-founder of Aztechnology. He presently has a seat on Aztechnology's board and owns between 5-10% of the share. The David Cartel is presently the only active organized crime group in Aztlan and has a monopoly on all traditional organized crime in Aztlan and many non-traditional crimes. Among the criminal enterprises that it is involved in are protection rackets, arms dealing, and Matrix crimes. Whatever violent crimes they commit are ones that benefit Aztechnology.[6] Which includes the rackets in the major cities of Aztlan, including Tenochtitlan, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Veracruz, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Bogotá, Medellín, Austin, El Paso, San Antonio, Tucson, and San Diego.[13]

Drug Trade[]

It's core business though continues to be the drug trade (both organic and technological), especially novacoke and high-powered BTL "moodies".[5] The David Cartel is a criminal organization whose reach outside of Aztlan is far. It operates as Aztechnology's largest deniable asset both inside and outside Aztlan. Since BTLs and its drugs like cocaine are legal in Aztlan, it mostly exports them abroad undercutting the Ghost Cartels. It's profits have skyrocketed after stepping in to fill the void left by the elimination of several Ghost Cartel leaders and the chaotic aftermath of the Tempo-Drug War.[6] It is suspected that the Corporate Court is fully aware of the relationship between Aztechnology and the David Cartel, and that they have infiltrated or corrupted Interpol to such an extent that the United Nations is suppressing evidence about its criminal activities.[14]


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