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The Dead Deckers Syndicate is a Matrix syndicate.

The Dead Deckers Syndicate is a legendary Matrix syndicate, infamous for their outlandish pranks and incredible hacks. It's a highly professional syndicate, whose influence across the Matrix is wide and deep. They operate globally and are as powerful in the Matrix as any traditional crime syndicate is in the real world.

The first organization that officially recognized and accepted the AIs and technomancers as full members of society was the Dead Deckers Society. The organization is run via consensus and each of the projects has its own "task force" in charge of the project. Members are professional, formal, and strictly business in their interactions with the opposition or employers. With each other they are informal and familial, and know how to have a good time. It's revenue comes from SIN and credit forgery, Matrix fraud, etc which are handled by the lower-tier task forces.[1]


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