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Aztlan Decker (Shadowrun Crossfire Card)

Aztlan Decker

Triads from Shadowrun Sourcebook, Vice

Triad Decker

A Decker is a person which has acquired a datajack and learned to directly interface with a cyberdeck to access the 3D virtual-reality of the Matrix.  They are skilled at computer programming and traveling the data streams of the telecommunications grid.  They use programs to search for important files, control remote computer systems, and tap phone calls.  They can also use attack programs to clash with other deckers or crash IC (intrusion countermeasures).

Legal deckers are typically software developers, hardware technicians, or security specialists. Illegal deckers are typically corporate espionage or government agents, shadowrunners, or independents who deck for a group or an ideal.

The otaku (and more recently the technomancers) are known to be able to deck into and manipulate the Matrix without the use of a cyberdeck.

After the Crash 2.0 there was no more need for a cyberdeck, because a comlink and a sim-module would do it perfectly, to access the augmented reality as well as the virtual-reality of the wifi-matrix. - So the users were no longer called "Deckers" but "hackers."

In 2075 GOD rolled out a new wireless protocol for the Matrix. To bypass the new protocols you now need a device once again called a "cyberdeck." Which has brought back the term "Decker" and the term "Hacker" has become a generic term to describe anyone that is capable of subverting Matrix security, which includes Technomancers and Riggers.


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