Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is the primary intelligence agency for the UCAS Department of Defense, and a member of the UCAS Intelligence Community. It conducts all Human Intelligence (HUMINT) operations for the DOD, as well it provides military intelligence analysis to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense. It is a joint service agency (meaning it is staffed by personnel from all the branches of the military), and the current DIA Director is Vice Admiral Fred Dominguez. The Director of the DIA is also the principal intelligence advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense. DIA is one of the two intelligence agencies actually headquartered within Washington, FDC, at Bolling Air Force Base.

DIA and CIA have historically been at odds with each other, and this continued well into the 2060s. Both agencies engage in the collection of HUMINT at the strategic level, which had resulted in conflicts over the running of agents and compromising of operations between the civilian and military agencies. DIA has also had conflicts with the Defense Protective Intelligence Field Activity, which has operational authority over all DOD counterintelligence programs and operations. Since some of the HUMINT activities have a counterintelligence focus, the director of DPIFA and Admiral Dominguez have been at odds over control of DIA operations. Admiral Dominguez had an ally in JSOC and its commanding general, Benjamin Miller, who assisted by having former JSOC operators conduct or facilitate shadowruns against DPIFA for DIA. However, General Miller was recently promoted and moved into a White House position, and the state of the conflict remains in flux.

DIA is the primary UCAS intelligence agency for magical intelligence, including Extraplanar Intelligence (EXPINT). This is due to collaboration with the Army Thaumaturgical Corps, and its necessary mission in confronting the NAN and other magical powers. It was also due to the free hand certain operatives were given to pursue missions which eventually gave DIA the upper hand in these fields.

The NeoNET media personality, Samantha Roth, is a retired DIA intelligence officer who served in Seattle following JTF-Seattle's liberation of the SCIRE. Her tenure was not without controversy, and included missions against the escaped Banded/Ex Pacis, Winternight, and the New Revolution.

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