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The Denver Nexus is a data haven located at an abandoned US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs in the Front Range Free Zone. It is one of the main hubs of the North American online shadow community, the home of the central node of the Shadowland BBS, and is the largest data haven in the world.

The Nexus was founded sometime after the Crash of 2029 by a former member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation,  Mitch Kapor.

Before Crash 2.0, the Nexus was home to one of the largest communities of Otaku in North America. When the Otaku faded, many of them would become deckers or sysops for the Nexus, or enter the shadows and become runners.

Due to the huge amount of data at the Nexus, it also has some of the most powerful computing devices that can be found, in and out of the shadows. Because of this, it is said that the Nexus is run using a very powerful UV Host.