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Desolation Angel

The Desolation Angels is a gang that is based in Chicago.

The Desolation Angels are an all-female go-gang with a super-feminist and matriarchal structure and sub-culture. It run shelters for rape victims and abused women, and will hunt down the men who are responsible. The gang accept into its ranks lesbians and bisexual women, and will defend them. It keeps a few men around for breeding purposes, whom they treat as their property.[1]

The gang has spread to outside of Chicago, establishing chapters in other sprawls. In each chapter, the core cadre are mantis spirits.[1] Among the sprawls where a chapter has been established is Seattle. The Desolation Angels fund their bug hunts via gunrunning and their escort services (call girls).[2]

Within Chicago itself there have been major changes to the local chapter. It is now led by Becky 99, a rat shaman who claimed the old leadership had lost focus and was disgusted by how they treated non-members, especially the men. She challenged them to combat and won control of the chapter.[3] The gang has also adopted Tasha, a bouncy, cheerful 12 year old girl. She is a talented powerful technomancer who is fiercely protective of Becky 99 and has become the gang's mascot.[4]


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