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The Desperados is an outlaw motorcycle gang based in the Allied German States.

Membership: 300

The Desperados is the second largest and most powerful biker gang in Germany. It has approximately 300 members in 11 chapters, spread out across northern and western Germany, Austria, and the Troll Republic. Approximately 200 of them are in 4 chapters in the northern part of the Rhine-Ruhr megaplex. The gang accepts metahumans into its ranks.

They are allied with the Mafia, often acting as their foot soldiers in their wars with the Vory. Currently the Desperados are aligned with the Semeszato Syndicate. In it's war with the Vory, the Mafia permitted them to keep any territory which they "liberated" from the Russians.The Desperados are involved in drug trafficking, smuggling, prostitution, weapons trafficking, and protection rackets.


  • Unterwelten, 242 (German version of Vice by Pegasus Games)
  • Rhein-Rhur-Megaplex, 123-124 (by Pegasus Games)
  • Machtspiele - Handbuch fur Spione, 174 (German version of Spy Games by Pegasus Games)
  • Datapuls ADL, 39 (Datapuls AGS by Pegasus Games)