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Devil Rats (Rattus diabolis) are the Awakened form of the common rat (Rattus norvegicus), and have become the scourge of Urban areas. They resemble pale, wrinkled, and hairless rats that grow up to a meter in length (including the tail). Like their progenitors, they are very adaptable, living wherever metahumans can live, and often carry diseases.

There are reports of Devil Rats carrying the VITAS spectrum of diseases. There are unsubstantiated reports of devil rats being able to kill healthy human adults while asleep. Rumors also indicate a sort of malign intelligence in the devil rat. Many cities have launched extensive and expensive campaigns to exterminate the devil rat, all to no avail. Their only weakness is the fact that they cannot tolerate sunlight for long periods of time.

Related Species

The Demon Rat is a SURGE version of the Devil Rat.


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