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Dietrich Farber is a character in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.


He is a human shaman, bound to the totem of the Dragonslayer.


Dietrich has seen his share of chaos and destruction (and caused most of it) in the Flux state, as the second sibling of a low income family. The brothers took different paths, his brother settled down, had a dysfunctional marriage and a son who he treats with as much respect as his own well being, which is none at all. At some point he sent his son off to the Humanis Policlub, to reduce the number of mouths and to support his own self destructive habits. Dietritch refused to settle down however and started an anarchist punk-rock band called MESSERKAMPF! with all the benefits and drawbacks of the Anarchist rock lifestyle. His 15 minutes of fame came during the Night of Rage when young punks and anarchists fought, bled and died for him as he stood up to the anti-metahuman bigots, all at the behest of the Dragonslayer spirit that he follows. It still calls to him to this day, hoping for another good cause to fight for, another dragon to slay.

Dietrich is still rather well known amongst the anarchist community as a rabble rouser and his shamanic roots give him a degree of pull amongst the Flux State's talismongers. He is also quite familiar with the magic circles in Berlin and one of few that is actually aware of the secretive Black Lodge. If a shadowrunner wants to do some damage against "the man", Dietrich is the one to talk to. 

Dietrich Upgrade Paths[]

Level Upgrade
LEVEL 2 MELTDOWN: Dietrich's Electro Core spell now strips 1 Armor from affected targets.
BLADE SPECIALIST I : Dietrich trains further with thrown weapons, increasing his accuracy with throwing knives.
LEVEL 3 EARTH ATTUNEMENT: Dietrich now carries a Earth Elemental fetish on each mission.
FIRE ATTUNEMENT: Dietrich now carries a Fire Elemental fetish on each mission.
LEVEL 4 NERVE SPEAR: Dietrich's basic never bolt spell now flushes enemies from cover when they are hit.
BATTLE HARDENED: Dietrich's years of devotion to the Dragonslayer idol imbue him with an innate +1 Armor.
LEVEL 5 CONDUCTIVITY: The AOE radius of Dietrich's Electro Core spell is increased by 1 tile in all directions.
STATIC: Dietrich's Electro Core spell now costs 1 AP to cast.
LEVEL 6 DRAGONSLAYER'S WRATH: The Dragonslayer now harms all foes within 3 tiles of Dietrich for 16 DMG. On subsequent RNDs, targets take 5 HP DMG and 1 AP DMG. Cost: 1 AP. Duration: 3.
DRAGONSLAYER'S SHIELD: Dietrich's idol grows more powerful, decreasing incoming DMG by an additional 2 points. Cost: 1 AP, Radius: 3, Duration: 3.


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