The Djorovic family is a Croatian crime syndicate based in the city of Munich in the Allied German States.

The Djorovic crime family is the dominant syndicate in the German state of Bavaria in southern Germany. Under Milan Djorovic it pledged it's allegiance to the Grey Wolves during the EuroWars, despite being neither a Turkic or Muslim syndicate. It is now led by his daughter Athena Djorovic.

They are involved in the illegal production of BTL and Simsense chips (including snuff films) and are the major suppliers to the European Mafia, under whose authority the family comes under through the Grey Wolves. It is also into drug dealing, prostitution (including bunraku), and sales of illegal chips to the tourists. After Crash 2.0 in 2064, they shattered their hated rivals the Serbian Milakowich family and took over their territory in the state of Franconia.


  • Unterwelten, 238 (German version of Vice by Pegasus Games)
  • Mephisto 43
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