Dolores El Kharimi is a femeal Hobgoblin, hailing from Egypt, and a magical gifted witch, who follows the Egypt tradition.

During the Great Jihad in 2032 she followed her older brothers, who took route to Spain, because staying in Islamic Egypt would have been a death sentence. Her two brothers died there not to long after arrival while she survived. She had her personal awakening, met her idol - Bastet - and became Shadowrunner.

She learned to use spells as well as to dispel an opponent's magic, to conjure and bind spirits of various types and to ban any harmful spirits and went during the process of initiation, conjuring an ally spirit. (Also she lost her ally later in an epic fight against a blood spirit, which was conjured by a wendigo.)

She got her street name by fault because of her couriosity, as an other runner told her (angryly): "Couriosity kills the cat!" She answered "No - Curiosity Thrills the cat!" and this became her street name, often shortend into "Curiosity".

As shadowrunner she visited lots of interesting places, including the Voodoun melting pot of New Orleans, Great Britain, New Monaco, Vienna and even an Ares Space Station. Now she has become a crew member of Karel's crew. Karel is a Pirate captain and smuggler, roaming the Northern Sea, acting mostly around Hamburg and the Scandinavian Union.

On her way through Northern Africa via Morocco and Gibraltar onto the Spanish Pensulina during the Great Jihad she got a little too close to the Tripoli Hot Zone. Unaware of that fact, she took up there more radiation then healthy. Therefor she was subject to an aggressive form of cancer nearly 20 Years later, and - while the modern medical therapy and treatment and the magical healing did enough, not only to save her life but although to keep her magic abilities intact - she had to pay mega Nuyen for the treatment, and now is deeply in debts by the Khabul Maffiya.

After a very large payday in December 2074 she managed to pay off these depts in whole and archived a legal SIN of the elven nation of Tír na nÓg. On the other hand she lost a (small) portion of her magic abilities permantently as well as her second ally, which became a free spirit.

In 2076 she (and the whole crew of the "Impaler of Irongrad") took their permanent residence in Flannegan Manor, a representative elizathanian Building in Galway, Province Connaught/Tír na nÓg.

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