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Domingo Chavez is a board member of Aztechnology.


Domingo Chavez used to be Aztechnology's Corporate Court Justice. He is a mage who is arrogant, has a machismo attiude, and is self-obsessed.[1] Though he is over 80 years old, due to gene-tweaking he still looks to be in his 40s. The man is ambitious and is known for his business savvy. He is aching to restore the glory of Aztlan (e.g. taking over Denver, Los Angeles, and the Mojave), worrying the Pueblo Corporate Council.[2]

Though he tended to oppose Flavia de la Rosa in the early years, perceiving her as being too meek and slow that has changed. She has proven herself, and they now have a strong partnership. They don't always agree but they are willing to work out their differences.[3] After Mr. Darke went missing, he and Motecuhzoma seemed to feud over the remains of the Blood Mage Gestalt.


  • A clear rip-off of the character of the same name from Tom Clancy's novels, beginning with "Clear and Present Danger."


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