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Domingo Ramos, David Cartel from Shadowrun Sourcebook, Ghost Cartels.png

Domingo Ramos is an Aztechnology board member and the head of the David Cartel.


Domingo "Ding" Ramos is the 70 year old elven son of Julio Ramos, one of the founders of Aztechnology and the previous head of the David Cartel. He has been running the David Cartel, as well as controlled his father's shares in Aztechnology and had the seat on the board since the 2040s. It is estimated he controls 5-10% of the shares in Aztechnology, and its possible its higher.


A man of expensive tastes, from his cars to his mistresses, he enjoys the finer things that life has to offer and one would get the impression that he is squandering the wealth he inherited from his father. It's really a front, because Mr. Ramos is highly active on Aztechnology's board and he takes a hands-on approach to running the David Cartel.

Domingo has had 5 ex-wives, over two dozen children that he is aware of, and many mistresses. The man keeps multiple persons (for the most part women) in a villa, where they are tortured both physically and mentally. Has earned him the nickname of "Panamanian Marquis de Sade", as he enjoys the shame, fear, and horror of his guests which are also recorded in simsense.[1] Domingo Ramos is one of the Sixth World's most powerful and dangerous men.[2]

Tempo Drug War[]

Recently during the Tempo-Drug War, Domingo Ramos masterfully orchestrated the fall of the Ghost Council and the near destruction of the Olaya Cartel. He is the one who pushed Aztechnology to get into an agreement with Interpol and sponsor a request for a warrant against KondOrchid. The plan to assasinate so many Cartel reps as possible at the Ghost Council summit was also his. In addition he skillfully manipulated public sentiment, creating support for Aztechnology.[3]


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