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Downtown Hong Kong is a district of Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone.

Stretching along the Victoria Harbor coastline is the Central District, the center of Hong Kong industry. With fascinating corporate towers, whose strange forms were shaped by feng shui geomancy. Designed to ensure good qi for their endeavors and to focus bad qi on the competition. Due to all of the mystical tinkering, incidents of out-of-control spirits and uncontrolled magic are common.

Up Victoria Peak's slope are the Mid-Levels. Living in very comfortable but crowded mountainside enclaves and arcologies are the young corporate professionals. The better their view of Victoria Harbor, the higher the status of the person. Individual corporations own most of these housing complexes and rivalries between the complexes is common, manifesting in things such as their fashion and sporting events. Above them in the mountain's upper reaches is Victoria Peak's massive estates which are surrounded by a forested hillside. Only the ridiculously wealthy can afford to live here.

To the east is the artsy, swanky, intellectual, and expensive Wanchai-Causeway. Full of nightclubs, galleries, museums, boutiques, and other businesses and establishments whose clientele are the wealthy. Further east, are the expensive apartment towers. Nearby inside the mountainside valleys, you find the red-lightt district known as Happy Valley. Where you can burn your cash at the gambling parlors or with the ladies at the "hostess clubs", or go wild at the combat biker arena.[1]


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