In Second Edition, Dryads are a metavariant of Elves. Only female Dryads have ever been reported. They are noted for having hair color that changes throughout the year (often mimicking the colors of tree leaves) and for having an average height of only one meter, similar to the height of dwarves. With their small physique, they lack the hardiness and strength of dwarves and are generally weaker and more delicate than normal elves.

All known dryads follow the shamanic tradition, following the Father Tree totem. They tend to be solitary, living only in forest areas. They suffer from allergic reactions with the contact to the urban environment. Some dryads possess a limited empathy with animals.

In Fifth Edition, the Dryad metavariant greatly resembles regular Elves with only a slight decrease in stature. They also tend to be more slender and fair-haired. 

Dryads are often perceived by others to be graceful and physically attractive. Some of this perception may be magically enhanced—Awakened dryads have been known to use their powers to enhance how others perceive them.

Dryads are unique among metavariants in that they don’t possess any particular region of origin. It's even common to be born to human parents. Dryads lack any singular culture to build from, and they lack the interconnectedness within their population to create an in-depth culture. The metavariant is drawn to natural environments, and they tend to stay away from highly polluted areas

In 2077, A dryad “farm” was been located in a remote area of Amazonia.


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