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Pomorya is a small aristocratic elven enclave by the Baltic Sea. Noted for its environmental commitment (the people of Pomorya have revitalized the sea) and its mixing German and Slavic traditions, the Duchy is part of the AGS and its capital is Saßnitz. The duchy has a high population of Night Ones.

Religion and Magic[]

Although the Duchy is home to many Roman Catholics, a majority of the population reveres Svantevit, whom they see as a protector of the Baltic Sea. The Duchy is also home to powerful magical sites such as Cape Arkona and Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University.

Culture and Social Change[]

The official language is Pomoryan. Although the duchy, under current duke Jaromar Greif, is noted for its progressive stance on the environment (although some critics claim that the land is neglected in favor of the sea) it is often viewed as a hostile place for non-elves (in fact there are almost no orcs, trolls, or dwarves). There is also several large Pixie tribes, which are not included in the census below.

Three important events happened in the late 60's: SURGE, which the Aristocratic houses of Saretin and Reanka used as a propaganda tool force humans (whom he claimed were carriers of the "disease") out the country; a large influx of Polish elves, because of troubles in Poland; and a re-polluting of the Baltic Sea, possibly caused by Proteus AG, who long had been at odds with the duchy.

Aristocratic Houses[]

Pomoryan society is dominated by several large families:


Because most of the land of Pomorya is uninhabited most metahumans live in the following towns each ruled by a Count (aside from Saßnitz):

Vital Statistics, from 2054

Government Type: dutchy
Capital: Saßnitz
Leaders: Duke: Jaromar Greif
Population 180,000
Human 54%
Elf 44%
Dwarf unknown
Ork unknown
Troll unknown


Per Capita Income: EC 18,000
Estimated SINless: ?%
Below Poverty Level: 45% (AGS standard), 5% (local standard)
Corporate Affiliation: 2%
Less Than Twelve Years 65%
High School Equivalency 35%
College Degrees 21%
Advanced Degrees ?%
Major Ethnic Groups:

Polish, German, Sindi

Major Languages Spoken:

Pomoryan, German, Sprethial?

Major Religions:

Pantheism (official), Roman Catholic

Currency: Nuyen (¥) EC, Deutchmark
Same as AGS?


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