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Dunkelzahn (circa 13,000 BC – August 9, 2057) was a Western Great Dragon. He was the 7th President of the UCAS elected, during the UCAS Special Presidential Election of 2057, but was assassinated on the night of his inauguration, later believed to be a self-sacrifice ritual to prevent the Horrors from crossing over into the Sixth World early. The policy led by his successor Kyle Haeffner can still be considered as marked by Dunkelzahn's ambitions to fight racism, exclusion and poverty and renew UCAS international relations.

Dunkelzahn first Awakened in Cherry Creek Lake, Denver on January 12, 2012, weeks after the first dragon sightings. Of all the reporters vying for an interview, anchorwoman Holly Brighton won the contest, and he was interviewed for a mind-boggling 12 hours and 16 minutes. The interview made Dunkelzahn famous, and he went on to host a regular show 30 years later, Wyrm Talk. During these interviews, he used an interpreter, the first of whom was John Timmons and the last of whom was Nadja Daviar. In 2056, he applied for and obtained UCAS citizenship by a special act of the UCAS Congress, moving his primary residence from Lake Louise in Algonkian-Manitou to Prince Edward Island, UCAS.

In 2057, his citizenship allowed him to run in the Presidential Election, as an independent. He won by a narrow margin on August 7. A few hours after being sworn in on August 9, he died in the explosion of his limousine near the Watergate Hotel. It is thought that the explosion was a colossal act of Blood Magic, used to empower the Dragonheart.

At this date, Dunkelzahn served the shortest Presidential term ever in USA and UCAS history: 10 hours, 23 minutes and 8 seconds. He is so far the only non-human and only dragon to hold the office of President of the USA or UCAS, easily making him the tallest, longest, and heaviest President (under human form, he stayed well under Lincoln's 193cm, but according to some rumors, he privately said his human form was voluntarily shorter than Lincoln), the first blue president, the oldest acting President, and the only president to be born before the Christian era.

Dunkelzahn was the first President to pick a friend as First Lady, having no wife, daughter or relative of any sort available for the duty.


Dunkelzahn had a fascination with the Matrix, and was indeed quite net-savvy. He was, up until his death, a devotee of the Shadowland BBS. His most common handle was 'The Big "D"', although he occasionally used his actual name.


The word "Dunkelzahn" is also a combination of the German words "dunkel", which means "dark", and "Zahn", meaning "tooth" - hence "Darktooth".


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