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Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research (DIMR), was created in 2057 after Dunkelzahn's death. Their major task is the study of magic phenomena of the Sixth World. It was funded with 100 million Nuyen by Dunkelzahn's Will.

A further goal of the DIMR is the protection of astral space, handled by the Astral Space Preservation Society (ASPS). Dunkelzahn's Will directed the DIMR to administrate the ASPS as follows:

"Because we who occupy the physical world do not live here alone, the Draco Foundation is directed to establish the Astral Space Preservation Society. The goals of the ASPS are as follows: to monitor potential abuses of astral space and its denizens; to protect the rights of denizens of astral space; to establish a set of parameters that will facilitate a working relationship between spirits and meta-humanity; and finally, to create a sanctuary in astral space for beings in search of a safe retreat. The ASPS will be administered by the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research (DIMR) in cooperation with any and all free spirits interested in joining this project."

Board of Directors[]

The guidance of the DIMR consists of delegates of different countries and companies and private people. Every one of the persons, countries mentioned and Konzere has a seat in the advice of the DIMR.


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