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Dwarfs (Homo sapiens pumilionis) first appeared in 2011. Starting from this year, human mothers began bearing dwarven and elven babies. Medical researchers called this transformation Unexplained Genetic Expression (UGE).

Characteristics Edit

Dwarfs are on average shorter than humans; their average height is under 120cm. Remarkable features include the dwarfs' small body size, short legs and full beards. Unlike humans with dwarfism, true dwarfs have upper bodies that are proportionately larger than their lower bodies compared to humans. Their skin color varies in a similar fashion to humans, with colors ranging from white to black. It is assumed that dwarfs have an average life expectancy of well over 100 years, although proof is still forthcoming. Dwarfs see in a broader spectrum than humans, which allows them to have natural thermographic vision. In addition, dwarfs clearly have a more efficient immune system than humans do, which makes them resistant to most diseases.

Infancy Edit

The normal gestation time for a dwarf is 284 days.[1]

They are usually 5.6% of their mother's weight. Their suckling time is over 15 months.[1]

Social integration Edit

Due to their resemblance to humans, dwarfs face less prejudice from humans than elves, orks or trolls. Many are recognized for their technological prowess and work ethic.

Variants Edit


Image of Dwarf Variants. Dwarf with tail - Harumen / Dwarf with Gun - Korobokuru / Dwarf on Surfboard - Menehune / Dwarf holding Bag - Gnome

There are at least five known variants of the Dwarven Metatype:

HMHVV-infected Dwarfs Edit

Dwarfs who are infected with HMHVV-1 will become Goblins, whilst Dwarfs who are infected with HMHVV-2 will become Gnawers.

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