East Anatolia
Capital Adana
Government Elective theocracy
Leaders Mullah Ammar Abd-el-Kham
Population Unknown
Land area Unknown
GDP (total) Unknown
(per capita)
Major Ethnic Groups Turks
Major Languages Spoken
Major Religions Islam
Currency Unknown

East Anatolia or East Turkey (also called the Ottoman Empire) is an insurgent-ruled state situated in the eastern portion of Anatolia and is ruled by Islamist extremists who are remnants of Alliance for Allah.


Turkey was founded in the 1920s by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who abolished the Ottoman Caliphate and westernized the country with his reforms. The Islamists rose to power after the military withdrew from politics and won the elections in 2032.[1] After the failure of the "United Islamic Conference" held in 2033, the Islamist government of Turkey formed an alliance with other radical Islamist governments as well as terror groups. This alliance called Alliance for Allah (AfA) that was led by al-Qaeda's Mullah Sayid Jazrir, precipitated the Great Jihad (also called EuroWars II) and invaded Europe. The Great Jihad originated in Turkey and had popular support in addition to utilising the infrastructure of the country's military as the framework in the war.

During the Great Jihad, the Kurds launched an insurgent campaign against AfA. The alliance broke down amid infighting after Jazrir's death while a civil war erupted in Tutkey between the fundamentalists and Western Turks. Turkey was invaded in 2037 as a response to the Great Jihad after the end of EuroWars and the government in Ankara was toppled. By 2039, most of the country had been cleared of the Islamist insurgents except in the hilly eastern region which came to be known as Eastern Anatolia. The western area of Turkey ruled by the pro-European and secular government came to be known as the Secular Republic of Turkey. The Turkish leaders who fled tried to rebuild their armies in its capital Adana in order to continue their war but failed. The Kurds acheived their independence in 2043, forming the Kurdish Autonomous Zone and the state has often been involved in conflict since then. The war with West Turkey came to a halt in 2070s after both sides agreed to a truce.

Geography and places of interestEdit

Most of the insurgent-controlled area lies in a large mountain range and consists of rural areas where quality of life is poor. The territory lies between Içel-Samsun Line and the Kurdish Autonomous Zone. Halfway along the Line lies a large Awakened region called Cappadocia with underground cities where various kinds of metahumans, changelings, Awakened people and critters live. The region is home to people who have fled the persecution by successive governments who make use of spells to keep out intruders. The region is also used by smugglers as route to other countries. It is also home to some ancient artifacts.

The city of Adana serves as the capital of the insurgents and is conservative in terms of culture. It swelled in terms of population due to the influx of the AfA insurgents as well as remnants of Turkish and Syrian armies. The city is home to half of East Turkey's population with a vast majority living in the slums around its more developed central districts. Although most of the city is poor, it has a high Matrix connectivity which isn't restricted at all and is funded by an Arabian corporation. It contains many high-speed Matrix access jack points. Cellular and radio links are common while the government provides trideo and telecom units free of charge.

Corporate and criminal activityEdit

As a result of the lawlessness and disorder in Eastern Anatolia, the coporations abandoned the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline which sustained severe damage in several earthquakes since the Awakening. The corporations mostly left East Turkey after the end of EuroWars. The small amount of corporate activity still remaining there takes place in the central districts of its capital Adana. The city of Adana has a high Matrix connectivity due to a deal with an Arabian corporation which funds them and backs their extremist view in exchange for exclusive deals of corporate products and further inroads into the territory.

The region of Cappadocia is used by some smuggler crews as a route to Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. Some also use it to travel to Black Sea and Caucasus region and then further to the Russian heartland. East Anatolian employers also hire shadowrunners, especially those good with electronics and broadcasting equipment. Syria and Cappadocia are used as routes to enter the region by shadowrunners. The city of Adana is home to trideo pirates who jam and invade Turkish trideo programmes as well as Matrix hosts. The fundamentalists recieves funds to pay the shadowrunners from another entity.

The Grey Wolves which are descendants of nationalist Turkish militias also operate in the region and maintain contacts with and work with the insurgents. They often blend in to the local culture to achieve their objectives such as following strict Sharia law while making a deal in Eastern Anatolia. The New Islamic Jihad is also reported to have contacts with the insurgents. The terrorist-turned-criminal group Hezbollah has also made inroads into Turkey despite bad relations with the insurgents and has reactivated the older traffic routes. It also has appointed an ambassador to the territory which as of 2060s was Fuad Amar.

Insurgents and their leadershipEdit

The city of Adana is the headquarters of the insurgents ruling the territory. The leadership is comprised of a council of ulemas which was originally elected by the various communities inhabiting the towns and villages of the state. However, the council later started choosing its members from a number of religious mullahs. Mullah Ammar Abd-el-Kham led the council as of 2060s. He had a reputation as a wise and respected scholar but lacked charisma.

The terrorists from Eastern Turkey operate terror cells, targeting civilians as well as the soldiers in terrorist attacks, and also targeting government and corporate strongholds. They often spread their propaganda through pirate trideos, the Matrix and other mass media. They regularly spam inboxes of citizens with their rhetoric, with emailboxes in Turkey get the most spam in the world. The Asian side of Free City of Constantinople is a prime recruiting ground for the insurgents who are opposed to the city's independence.

The insurgents have been involved in long conflicts with the militaries of West Turkey and Kurdistan. The military of Western Turkey was able to keep a check on them and was able to eliminate many insurgents and their leaders, but was unable to finish them off due to manpower shortage as it is allowed to maintain only a small military for its defence. The Kurdish military known as Peshmerga has also been involved in counter-terror operations and has defeated the insurgents whenever they have been involved in a conflict with it. The insurgent leaders have often been targets of assassinations by West Turkish mercenaries, assassins and Peshmerga commanders. The frequent assassination of leaders forced others to reduce their public appearances and instead rely on the Matrix.


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