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The East Coast Stock Exchange (ECSE) is a major stock exchange in New York City. For several decades it was located in Boston, but moved back to its historical address on Wall Street after the Crash of 2064.


After the earthquake of 2005 that hit New York, the New York Stock Exchange was moved to Boston and renamed.

The Novatech IPO on November 2, 2064 was one of the catalyst events of the Matrix Crash 2.0. In anticipation of the huge increase in traffic from the Novatech IPO, the East Coast Stock Exchange upgraded their servers. Unwittingly, they increased the processing power to the point where it could reach Ultraviolet levels, the level needed to sustain an Artificial Intelligence. Deus took advantage of this, and laid down a series of plans to invade the stock exchange during the IPO and become a virtual god of the Matrix. Deus was thwarted by its rival AIs and by actions of Ex Pacis and Winternight, and this precipitated the Matrix Crash 2.0.


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