Eastern Tiger Corporation (or ETC) is Korea's largest corporation, headquartered in Pusan, Korea. It is a member of the Pacific Prosperity Group. Since 2050, Eastern Tiger has rapidly expanded into Australia, Brunei, the Salish-Shidhe Council, Seattle, and the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi. Built on the foundation of heavy manufacturing and petrochemicals, it has also diversified into biotechnology, entertainment, consumer goods, and agriculture.

During the years following the Matrix Crash 2.0, Eastern Tiger fared well, given the circumstances, due to its strong industrial assets. Having acquired Pacific Rim Communications, Eastern Tiger was all set to sign on MSP contracts for telecommunications and augmented reality throughout Asia and North America.

The current CEO is Se Jong Lee. The Seattle branch is headed by Yong Jo Moon. Both are said to be cautious and shrewd businessmen, with little ties to the other PPG corporation other than mutual protection and survival. Se Jong Lee is said to have some grudges against Renraku and Mitsuhama, due to business practices that blocked ETC from expanding.

It has ties to the Komun'go Ring and the Eastern dragon Mang, who is rumored to be its real CEO. In the Allied German States and perhaps elsewhere they have backed the Seoulpa Rings.[1] They also have a business relationship with the Triads in which the Red Dragons and Snake Head Triad bring into Japan, cheap illegal labor.[2]



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