Eiji Yakamura was the equivalent of a Yak "made man". His duty was to funnel the dirty money from the Yakuza through the Mitsuhama washing machine, and make sure it came out clean on the other side. And of course take the fall if need be. It was a worthwhile venture for Yakamura, by the end of his life he was the richest metahuman on the planet, owning 20% of MCT shares. 

Biography[edit | edit source]

1967: Eiji Yakamura is born.

2037: It is rumored that Yakamura hatched a plot to have former MCT Chairman Agatamori Kihara assassinated. The Chairman retires and moves to Zurich Orbital some time thereafter.

2040's: Yakamura retires to Zurich Orbital himself.

2071: "While Tiger and Toshiro initially only retained a small ownership stake in Mitsuhama, their business savvy earned the respect and loyalty of their corporate and Yakuza peers, allowing them to steer this great company in the direction they chose. Te recent passing of Eiji Yakamura—ancestors protect him--left Toshiro holding Yakamura-sama’s stock shares and the coveted position of majority stockholder."

2072: "Agatamori Kihara: 112 years old and counting, Kihara is a cranky old man. A former Mitsuhama CEO, he was forced out when he got a little too chippy with his Yakuza com-patriots. Now that he has survived his rival, Eiji Yakamura, Kihara doesn’t seem to have much left to live for. But he still keeps living, spending almost all of his time on the Matrix telling anyone he encounters how stupid they are."

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