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Electric Blue is an young metahuman? and temporary member of Jackpoint in 2080. EB is friends with Glitch and is not a monad. EB was born around the mid 2060's. EB was able to hack in to Clockwork's personal account and donated 1.5 million nuyen to the New Underground Railroad as wel as order several hundred pizza's for a technomancer tribe in his area.


EB appears to be quite juvenile and likes to make puns.


Electric Blue believes it was negative 5 when Dunkelzahn was assassinated, which means EB might have been born in 2062 or 2063.

EB is probably a decker or technomancer or unlikely an AI. EB is probably not an AI as it appears EB likes to drink enery drinks and eat pizza. Like wise, EB might be too old to be an AI.


  • Better Than Bad p47-55