The Electric Knights are a Matrix thrill-gang based in Seattle.

Membership: 35[1]

The Electric Knights love to corrupt or shut down public access nodes and corporate nodes. Basically a gang of pranksters, though sometimes there pranks have deadly results. It appears that Seattle is their base of operations, though there graffiti has also appeared in Denver, Phoenix, and other cities.[2]

It's a creatively destructive Matrix gang who have guts and are clever. Generally viewed by the public as a menace, though in private the antics of the gang has generated a good amount of snickers.

While the focus of the gang is having fun through their pranks they do earn money via lower profile activities. The gang is into pirating BTLs and trids, and identity theft. Members donate 30% of what they make to the gang. The gang's focus is mostly on the Pacific Northwest though their activities have reached as far south as San Francisco and as far north as Anchorage.[3]

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