July 23, 2073: Elliot Eyes-of-Wyrm, founder of the Shasta Shamans and one of Hestaby's closest friends, is assassinated immediately after her speech to the United Nations concludes.

"[F]ollowing law enforcement reports on the three main suspects; two of them are already dead. Ilari “Scopes” Gurevich was found dead following his assassination of the head engineer of Aztechnology’s Marine Technologies subsidiary in San Diego about five months ago. [c. 2074] Gurevich’s cause of death was listed only as “suspicious circumstances” [...] The other dead assassin, Jack “the End” Daemon, tried to kill Conall Taylor, a sitting member of the Council of Princes in Tír Tairngire, about two weeks ago. [c. 2074] Apparently, the Tír authorities had been tipped off about the plot ahead of time and took precautions. Daemon took out the wrong target, and the Tír forces then took him out. It would seem as though someone is trying to tie up loose ends and make sure the details about what happened in ‘73 never get out. So if either one was involved in the assassination, they have taken their secrets to their grave. If Felicitas Nacht heard what happened to her colleagues on that list, you can bet she’s already gone to ground before the same fate happens to her. [...]" -- Snopes

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