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Emperor Yasuhito is the current emperor of the Japanese Imperial State, and is the grandson of the former emperor, Emperor Kenichi. His reign is known as the Gen-Yu era and has marked a time of great change in the JIS with the revoking of several points of the Yamato Act, such as allowing foreign mega corp to operate within Japan and returning the exiled kawaruhito from Yomi Island. He has also reinstated his position as a divine emperor, which has taken some power away from democratically elected officials, leading to political unrest within Japan.


On October 21, 2061 the Ring of Fire erupts, believed to be caused by the spike in mana from the passing of Halley's Comet, or because Ryumyo was attempting to use the dragon lines to become greater than a great dragon. Japan was hit extremely hard by this event with a 7.2 earthquake, erupting volcanoes, and tsunamis. Among the 240,000 casualties is Emperor Kenichi and most of his immediate family; whom were lost in the eruption of the Unzen Volcano.

On January 5, 2062, Yasuhito is made Emperor of Japan at the age of 14.

In 2063, Yasuhito makes alliances with Shinto Shamans and Kami Spirits to rebuild the Tokyo sprawl in to Neo-Tokyo.

In April of 2064 Yasuhito married Hitomi Shiawase in a public ceremony.

On April 2, 2071 it is announced Hitomi is pregnant.[1] On December 2nd she gives birth to Crown Prince Asaka Nashihito.[2]

In 2075 Hitomi gives birth to Sakura. Yasuhito's second child.


Yasuhito is incredibly intelligent. Originally thought to be a puppet of Sessho Taro Yonekura and/or Prime Minister Kazama, Yasuhito has shown a strange amount of cunning and self awareness of the political situation around him.

Before the eruption of Unzen, he was a very quiet young boy. But after he has demonstrated an incredible force of personality.


Yasuhito has a half-brother and sister that were born Oni and exiled to Yomi Island. This was considered as a black mark against Yasuhito's parents and is why he was thought to never be allowed to become emperor. A shadowrunner named Ice Queen extracted the two Oni children from Yomi Island.

The free spirit Buttercup saved Yasuhito from the eruption of Unzen. No doubt, knowing that Yasuhito would have a metahuman friendly bias from having Oni siblings, this would help further Buttercup's goals and allow Yamatetsu to operate within Japan again. She is also believed to be the "Wraith" who has acted as a ghost adviser to the Emperor. On his wedding, she gave the Emperor a sculpture of an Oni made before the awakening.

Taro Yonekura has served as regent for Yasuhito and set up a number of shadowruns to keep the Emperor in power and out of harm, or to weaken his enemies. He may have ties to Yamatetsu.

Yasuhito has married Hitomi Shiawase, who is the daughter of the CEO of Shiawase. Hitomi was not happy about the arranged marriage originally. She is six years older than Yasuhito. However she seems to have embraced her role as Empress of Japan, possibly as a way to get back at her father.

The majority of the Japanese public love Emperor Yasuhito.

When Yasuhito first came to power in 2062 he had made many enemies within Japan. With his divinity claims, he has taken power away from elected officials within the Diet. By allowing foreign mega corp to operate within Japan, many Japanacorps are unhappy. He has even managed to slight the great dragon Ryumyo by gaining more popularity with the people of Japan and the Kami than the dragon himself, though the dragon publicly supports the Emperor. Many older conservatives who still hold racist views towards metas are unpleased as well. Many of these factions (possibly more) have attempted to assassinate Yasuhito, but all have failed.

As of 2072 the Shinto shamans, Shiawase, Evo, and Ryumyo support the Emperor. While on the opposite side MCT, Renraku, Yakashima, Monobe, Sony, Yokogawa, Komatsu, Daiatsu, and Lung seek to oppose him. Strangely Lung has aided Renraku, and it appears Ryumyo may have joined the Emperor's side just to spite Lung. Though, these two factions are not clear cut. For example; Ryumyo still has ties to MCT, and MCT is in talks with the Emperor to get national security contracts.


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Yasuhito is probably not awakened.

Yasuhito's personal bodyguards are Oni. They maybe his long lost brother and sister.

Yasuhito maybe the hidden life of a spirit, possibly Buttercup. The Hidden Life power would grant Yasuhito, immunity to aging and weapons, which would explain all the failed assassination attempts on the young Emperor's life. It also may have side effects on his personality, which could explain his heightened intelligence after the Unzen eruption.

Another possibility is that he could actually be possessed by a spirit, maybe one working for Buttercup.