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Erika is a AA telecommunications corporation headquartered in Espoo, Finland, that was partly responsible for the worldwide implementation of the Wireless Matrix. It was ranked as third in the field of worldwide consumer electronics prior to its merger to form NeoNET. Erika is a household name in terms of telecoms and portable computers. Its CEO is Anders Malmstein, an aging but aggressive patriarch who is responsible for much of Erika's success.

Erika was originally born from the merger of Nokia and Ericsson in 2019. Anders Malmstein, who was the CEO at that time, influenced the government to nationalize Erika's main competitors. This allowed Erika to survive the Crash Virus of 2029 and gave the company inside information to quietly acquire nearly every corporation in Finland by 2048. Prior to the Matrix Crash 2.0, it held the key patents on the Wireless Matrix, developing it since 2058. After a joint venture with Transys Neuronet in February 2063, it merged with Transys Neuronet in late 2064, and shortly thereafter the two corporations merged with Novatech to become NeoNET.